The Duchesne Fund

Why Duchesne?

Eight years ago, my husband Guy and I were seeking an educational institution more fitting for our daughters who were entering first and fourth grade.  As parents, we were seeking a school based on Catholic values and teachings while providing them with academic excellence.

Repeatedly, Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart appeared on our searches so we scheduled a tour and visited an open house.  The difference was quickly evident as we were greeted by Lower School students, opening the doors, and providing school information through polite conversation.  Throughout the tour, we were shown state-of-the-art technology integration into the classroom, science labs that rivaled some college campuses, and an atmosphere that was conducive to learning.

L-R: Abigail, Sophia, Julie, Penelope

We were warmly greeted by the faculty, administration, and grade school families for both of our girls.  The staff knew us by name and took the time and real interest in our family.  We knew we had made the right decision for our family.  Duchesne offers our girls a challenging academic schedule, various extracurricular activities, and opportunities for growth that prepare them for the next level.

We have continued to participate in events Duchesne offers to encourage family involvement, including the Sporting Clays Tournament, Neon Night, Bingo Family Night, the annual Gala, sports like volleyball, music, and arts, and this year, we have the distinct privilege to serve as the Duchesne Fund chairs.

Why participate in the Duchesne Fund?  To our family, it means allowing Duchesne to grow and continue to offer our girls an atmosphere of learning with unique opportunities that will prepare them to be successful in the future.

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Guy and Julie McClung
Duchesne Fund Chairs 2023-2024

The McClung Family
L-R: Guy, Abigail (8th), Julie, Sophia (11th), Penelope (2nd)



 Duchesne Fund Chairs 

Julie and Guy McClung

Parent Division Chairs

Lower School

Cass and James Casey

Middle School

Maria and Dan Cowles

Upper School

Jennifer and Hunter Petree

Grade Chairs

Lower School

Megan and Jason Williams, PreK-3 

Roseanna and Jason Hill, PreK-4 

Teresa Garcia-Reyes and Jeff Faulk, Kindergarten

Mary and David King, 1st Grade 

Paige and Jason Kist, 2nd Grade 

Middle School

Jeanne and Chris Abundis, 3rd Grade 

Andrea and Tom Gutting, 4th Grade 

Kristie and Dan Robinson, 5th Grade 

Mary and Casey McFaden, 6th Grade 

Emily and Aaron Coulter, 7th Grade 

Upper School

Kim Dinh and Manish Garala, 8th Grade 

Catherine and Tobin Lassen, 9th Grade 

Adrienne and Matt Sicinski, 10th Grade 

Janine and Chris Hergesell, 11th Grade 

Melonie Dutton Lewis, 12th Grade 


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