The Duchesne Fund

The Duchesne Fund is our annual giving program that provides funding for initiatives and programs that allow our students to enjoy an exceptional education. We invite the entire community to contribute to the fund each year.



The Duchesne Fund Chairs

Alejandra and Charlie Garrido

Alumnae Chairs

Natasha SADEGHIAN de la Garza ‘96 
Nadia SADEGHIAN ‘06 

Parents of Alumnae Chair 

Weldon Granger 

Grandparent Chairs 

Maria Teresa and Ulises Vidal 

Student Campaign Chairs 

Anamaria Garrido ’27 and Lauren Walsh ‘29 

Parent Division Chairs

Lower School

Kim Dinh and Manish Garala 

Middle School

Elspeth Inglis and Andy Blanchard 

Upper School

Karina and Mark Amelang 

Grade Chairs

  • Julie and Guy McClung, PK3 
  • Andrea and Michael Walsh, PK4 
  • Marcy and Chris Heinrich, Kindergarten 
  • Paige and Jason Kist, 1st Grade 
  • Amy and Michael Moore, 2nd Grade 
  • Myriam and Larry Laird, 3rd Grade 
  • Dominique Salazar-Rodgers and Shawn Rodgers, 4th Grade 
  • Erynn and Tom Scollard, 5th Grade 
  • Leslie and Wes Hinton, 6th Grade 
  • Todd Moore, 7th Grade 
  • Tina and John Sims, 8th Grade 
  • Jenny and Roy Moore, 9th Grade 
  • Jennifer Mouille, 10th Grade 
  • Sabrina and Rob Hallett, 11th Grade 
  • Melanie Modica-Young and Kyle Young, 12th Grade