The Duchesne Fund

The Duchesne Fund is our annual giving program that provides funding for initiatives and programs which allow our students to enjoy an exceptional education. We invite the entire community to contribute to the fund each year.


Celebrating 60 Years of Courage and Confidence

Duchesne empowers young women to face real-world challenges with optimism, confidence, and creativity. Read more about what our alumnae are doing today!


2020-2021 Chairs

The Duchesne Fund Chairs

Paige and Jason Kist

Parent Division Chairs

Lower School

Amy and Michael Moore

Middle School

Leslie and Wes Hinton

Upper School

Sabrina and Rob Hallett

Grade Chairs

  • Cassandra and James Casey, PK3 
  • Julie and Guy McClung, PK4 
  • Ruhi and Samit Soni, Kindergarten 
  • Marcy and Chris Heinrich, 1st Grade 
  • Kristie and Dan Robinson, 2nd Grade 
  • Mary and Casey McFaden, 3rd Grade 
  • Jennifer and Chad Abram, 4th Grade 
  • Kim Dinh and Manish Garala, 5th Grade 
  • Catherine and Tobin Lassen, 6th Grade 
  • Liza and Adrian Rivera, 7th Grade 
  • Todd Moore, 8th Grade 
  • Edith and Matt Campbell, 9th Grade 
  • Mel and Ken Johnson, 10th Grade 
  • Jennifer Mouille, 11th Grade 
  • Tammy and David Jaben, 12th Grade