The Duchesne Fund

Thanks Duchesne for giving our girls the chance to grow academically, athletically, artistically, spiritually, and socially!

Because of Duchesne, girls will lead, thrive, care, and transform their world. Watch the following video to see how your gift to the Duchesne Fund supports the life-changing Sacred Heart education your daughter receives at Duchesne.

2018-2019 Duchesne Fund Chairs

The Duchesne Fund Chairs

Catherine and Tobin Lassen

Alumnae Chairs

Carolyn Lassen ’13, Cappy Lassen ’16, and Mimi Lassen ’18

Student Campaign Chairs

Anne Elise Lassen ’27 and Mary Beth Scollard ’27

Parent Division Chairs

Lower School

Alejandra and Charles Garrido

Middle School

Renee and George Humphrey

Upper School

Mickel and Larry Lobb

Grade Chairs

Andrea and Michael Walsh, PK3

Marcy and Chris Heinrich, PK4

Paige and Jason Kist, Kindergarten

Amy and Michael Moore, 1st Grade

Myriam and Larry Laird, 2nd Grade

Kim Dinh and Manish Garala, 3rd Grade

Natalie and Steve Mohtashami, 4th Grade

Leslie and Wes Hinton, 5th Grade

Elspeth Inglis and Andy Blanchard, 8th Grade

Lauren and Dwayne Anders, 9th Grade

Stephanie and Keith Jackson, 10th Grade

Karina and Mark Amelang, 11th Grade

Libbie and Robert Conner, 12th Grade