Stocks & Securities

Transfer a gift of appreciated securities to Duchesne Academy.

  • When transferring a gift of appreciated securities to Duchesne Academy, please send through the school's account at Vanguard Institutional Advisory Services,
  • Please direct the sending institution to send the shares to the school's Vanguard brokerage account:
    • Brokerage Account name: Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart
    • Brokerage account 44002580
    • Vanguard DTC #0062
    • Indicate Donor Name, Cost Basis Information
  • Prior to receipt by Vanguard, please send the school a letter of transmittal that will confirm your gift. (Please see a sample letter here.) Please state in this letter the name of the appreciated securities and the number of shares to be transferred.
  • The value of the stock is determined by taking the average of the high and the low on the date of receipt into the account.
  • The securities will be sold no later than the next business day following the date of receipt.

If you should have any questions about this transaction, please call Darlene Henson at 713-465-9825.


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