Give Appreciated Securities

  • When transferring a gift of appreciated securities to Duchesne Academy, please send through the school's account at UBS Financial Services Inc. The school's brokerage account is Y807870 and the DTC account number is 0221.
  • To reach UBS Financial Services Inc. you can contact Cherrie Brickhouse at 713-957-7042 or 1-800-861-9827; or fax 855-617-7386.
  • Prior to receipt by UBS Financial Services Inc., please send the school a letter of transmittal that will confirm your gift. (Please see the sample letter below.) Please state in this letter the name of the appreciated securities and the number of shares to be transferred. The fax number for the Advancement Office is 713-465-9809.
  • The date that the stock is received in the school's DTC account is the date of the gift.
  • The value of the stock is determined by taking the average of the high and the low on the date of receipt into the account.
  • The securities will be sold no later than the next business day following date of receipt.
  • If you should have any questions about this transaction, please call Darlene Henson at 713-465-9825.

Thank you for your gift to Duchesne!


TO: Duchesne Academy
FROM: Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Donor
RE: Gift of Stock
DATE: ________________

Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Donor are transferring ______ shares of _________________________ stock to Duchesne Academy through the school's DTC account 0221 at UBS Financial Services Inc. This gift is in fulfillment/partial fulfillment of my/our pledge to (CHOOSE ONE) Duchesne's

a) Duchesne Fund or
b) Capital Campaign or
c) Robotics.

Please fax this letter to the Duchesne Academy Business office at 713-465-9809 before transmittal. This will help us ensure timely disposition of your gift.

Thank you!

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