Extravaganza is Duchesne’s annual gala and auction. This fun party, attended by current parents, alumnae, and friends includes a live auction, silent auction, raffle, sign-up parties, and more! Extravaganza raises close to $2 million each year that goes directly to the school’s annual budget. Extravaganza funds, along with the Duchesne Fund, allow Duchesne to offer all the “extras” that make Duchesne exceptional, including: teacher training, special programs and tools in the classroom, new equipment for athletics, and many more items.

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Save the date for Mardi Gras on March 1, 2025!

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A Night in Monte Carlo 2024

Committee List

Event Chairs
Alicia & Juan Hartsfield
Courtney & Jared Ledet
Event Leadership Team
Philana Diaz – Acquisitions
Mimi Foerster – Underwriting
Kate Hays – Logistics
Sporting Clays Tournament
Teresa Garcia-Reyes, ’97 & Jeff Faulk
Live, Big Board, and Silent Auction
Charlotte Aaronson
Val Burguières
Mary-Kathryn D’Agostino
Brina D’Amico
Aryn De Lisi
Valerie Dittner
Courtney Forshey
Laura Garcia
Jazmine Green
Ashley Lemming
Amanda Manzur
Erin Mistretta
Jennifer Tessin
Marisa Zindler


Cass Casey
Jeremy Doyle
Lindsey Gabriel
Suzanne Higdon
Roseanna Hill
Angela Meloy
Alumnae Underwriting
Nadia Sadeghian Gonzalez, '06
Camille McConn Sandler, '05
Corporate Sponsorships
Hank Stout
Victoria Hurtado Wright, '96
Kiran Ali
Katie Dalrymple
Piper Faust
Emily Misso
Shilpa Thakkar Pankaj, '98
Class Baskets
Tiffany Nguyen
Tricia & Mark Singer
Sign-Up Parties
Andrea & Tom Gutting
Natalie Suarez
Stock the Cellar
Cathleen and Jeff Linkenauger
Jour de Casino
Wendi Barahona
Erica Jousan
Lori Yi
Auction Entry
Maggie Friedemann
Auction Set-Up
Jennifer Petree
Communications and Marketing
Sarah Chenault
Catalog Copywriter
Alicia Fernandez
Danielle Lee
Tiffiny Gist
Katie Davis
Olga & Gerald Balboa