Student Computers

Student Computers

All incoming students in grades 4 - 12 are issued a tablet PC. This computer is set up to access everything a student will need for classes at Duchesne. Students do not need to bring their own laptop.

What's Included

The Duchesne Laptop Bundle (or rental fee) will be charged to your student account by the Business Office in August. The bundle includes:

  • a tablet PC
  • power cord
  • stylus
  • 4-year manufacturer warranty with accidental damage coverage
  • safeguard protection for loss or theft
  • required laptop case
  • access to our on-site help desk with loaner availability
  • replacement battery (installed at time of need, usually during the 3rd year)

Additional or replacement stylus or power cords can be purchased at the help desk on campus and will be charged to your student account.

Students entering Duchesne in 8th or 12th grade will be issued a Toshiba Portege X20W-D rental computer that matches the rest of her classmates. (This is policy so that all 9th graders are able to get a new computer with a 4-year warranty for Upper School.)


All software is pre-installed on student computers. These software applications are available to Duchesne students as long as they are enrolled at Duchesne.

Orientation Session

Incoming 5th - 12th grade students will have an orientation session, Out-of-Box Day, where technology staff will go over how to access and use their Duchesne Microsoft 365 account, the My VC Portal, including Microsoft Teams, Duchesne email, Class Pages and calendar, My VC online gradebook, and more. These sessions are held at the beginning of the school year.