Duchesne uses the SchoolPass Visitor Management System, a mobile app that facilitates carpool dismissal and notification of absences and early pickup/late arrival. An email with instructions to set up a SchoolPass account will be sent after your enrollment contract is submitted. 

When to Use SchoolPass

Parents will submit the following notifications through SchoolPass. You do not need to separately email anyone at Duchesne. 

  • If your child will be absent, late, or picked up early, submit this notification in SchoolPass (view instructions)
  • If a new pickup person will be getting your child in carpool, add them as a driver in SchoolPass (view instructions)
  • If a new vehicle will be used to pickup your child, add that vehicle's license plate in SchoolPass (view instructions)
  • If your child will be going home in another student's vehicle in carpool, submit this notification in SchoolPass (view instructions)

Parents will not need to use SchoolPass on a daily basis. It is only used if there is a change to your child's regular pickup or attendance. Please note, parents will not use the Bus or Activity options within SchoolPass.

Submit Vehicle License Plates

The license plate number for each vehicle that will drive onto campus must be entered into SchoolPass (see instructions above). Parents need to enter license plates in SchoolPass before arriving on campus. Upper School student drivers will be emailed a form to collect their license plates. 

License plates are necessary for the system to alert your daughter’s division office that you have arrived on campus whether for carpool pickup, extended day pickup, or your child is leaving school early.