Parents' Association

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The primary goal of the Parents' Association (PA) is rooted in Goal IV: the building of community as a Christian value. Through activities and events scheduled during the year, the PA works to encourage community building and school unity. This year, the Parents' Association president is Andrea Maher. Please contact her at

All Duchesne parents are members of the Parents' Association.

The Parents' Association will sponsor the following events this year:

  • Fall Fest
  • Family Fun Bingo Night
  • Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day
  • Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day

The Parents' Association also sponsors the following year-round activities:

  • Spirit Store – The school store where logo items, snacks, PE uniforms, and sterling silver jewelry can be purchased.
  • Uniform Resale – A wonderful opportunity to purchase gently worn uniforms and donate skirts and jumpers that no longer fit.
  • Heart to Heart – A compassion outreach for families experiencing either great joy (birth of a baby) or sorrow (illness or death). The Heart to Heart committee will bring a gift of dinner and well wishes to any Duchesne family in need.
  • Parent Prayer Group - A group for parents to gather weekly to pray or provide support for the Duchesne community.

We will be looking for YOU in the Parents' Association this year. A list of all volunteer opportunities and a volunteer form are emailed to all parents in the fall. Volunteering at the school is a rewarding experience we hope you will take advantage of during your daughter's time at Duchesne!


The Revaire, 7122 Old Katy Road