Our tuition includes lunch and snacks provided by Flik Independent School Dining, one of the nation's top dining services. With a focus on wellness and child nutrition, our certified green dining hall offers healthy and delicious choices that will satisfy even the most picky eaters.

Each day, standard items such as soups, salads, sandwiches, and fresh fruits are available, as well as a rotating menu of hot and cold items. Some of the favorites include black bean and avocado tostadas, mango shrimp grain bowls, and BBQ short ribs. We work with students that have specific dietary needs to provide vegetarian or vegan meals, gluten-free options, and allergen-free options. We also encourage nutritious eating habits for all students by providing special programs that promote healthy foods. 

What We're Eating:

    Dining Contacts

    Michael Kenny 
    Senior Chef Manager

    Patricio Arroyo 
    Executive Chef