Clubs and Activities

In addition to our athletics and arts programs, Duchesne Academy also offers a robust program of extracurricular clubs and activities with something for everyone. The available Upper School clubs and organizations include the following:

Asian Cultures

It's more than chopsticks and Anime! The Asian Cultures club is dedicated to celebrating and exploring various aspects of a diverse range of Asian cultures including food tastings, history and current events discussions, and viewings of movies, dramas, and music.

Black History

The Black History club is open to everyone and seeks to explore and honor the history and contributions of African Americans. The club activities include games, dancing, food, and other cultural outlets that explore the impact of the nation's Black History.

Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry program at Duchesne contains six aspects: Forming Community, Appropriating Faith, Forming Conscience, Educating for Peace and Justice, Personal Development, and Developing Leaders for the Future. Students participate in Campus Ministry through liturgies, retreats, prayer services, leading morning assembly prayer, service activities, and living out the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria in each aspect of the program.

Cheese & Chat

Cheese and Chat celebrates different types of cheeses from various regions and cultures. It was started to promote community and foster an appreciation of cheese! Events include Fondue February and Marcheese Madness. We always have a GOUDA time but it would be FETA if you joined.

Committee for Uganda

The Committee for Uganda focuses on efforts to support organizations in Uganda.


Community Service Club

Community Service Club sponsors various projects throughout the year, related to community needs. Examples include collecting school supplies for area schools, educating the community about human trafficking, packing boxes for soldiers overseas, and making cards for local homes for the elderly.

Duchesne Spirit Club

The Duchesne Spirit Club encourages the student body to support our athletes. The club works to hold pep rallies and promote upcoming athletic events. Additionally, the club encourages and helps train prospective cheerleaders for St. Thomas High School.

Environmental Club

The Environmental Club focuses on global and local environmental issues. Club members participate in activities such as the Galveston beach cleanup, the Duchesne electronics recycling event, Earth Day events, and are involved in school environmental education and the school recycling program.

Film Making

The Duchesne Film Club is for students who are interested in film making. Club members gather to discuss films and learn about video editing techniques. Each year, the club works toward making a film to submit to the ISAS (Independent Schools Association of the Southwest) Fine Arts Festival.

Fishers of Women

Fishers of Women is a bible-study group. Along with studying scripture, the club often does fun arts and crafts activities like decorating prayer jars and journaling. In Fishers of Women, we aim to cultivate and live out Goal I of the Sacred Heart: a personal an active faith in God.

French Club

In French Club, students learn about the culture of France and many other French-speaking countries through presentations, games, food, music, crafts, movies, and the annual National French Week celebration. The club welcomes all students, regardless of what language they study. French Club is a great way to experience a taste of the magic of French life while getting to know other francophiles!

German Klub

The German Klub celebrates the German language and culture. Club activities include celebrating German holidays, exploring German art, and experiencing cultural touch points such as food, music, and film.

Get Your Grub On

Get Your Grub On is a fun club for Duchesne students that celebrates all things food.



Glee Club offers students the opportunity to participate in an extracurricular singing group.


Global Awareness Youth

Global Awareness Youth focuses on raising students’ awareness of current issues of peace and justice. There is usually a short presentation or film about an issue, and then group discussion.


The Instrumentalist Club showcases the unique talents on Duchesne students. Members of this organization help to put on the First Thursdays and Coffee House events.


International Club

The International Club gives students the opportunity to speak about their own culture, which helps form their identity. The club gathers to watch films, taste traditional food, listen to presentations about the chosen country, and get an understanding and an appreciation of one another. Club members aim to be global citizens, who have an understanding and a respect for each other, while having fun.

Iron Plaid Robotics

Iron Plaid is Duchesne's robotics team, and it is the only all girls’ team in the city of Houston. The team builds robots and competes against other schools from across the country. Iron Plaid strives to inspire women to develop an interest in STEM through the power of education from a young age.

Just Dance

Just Dance is a fun club that focuses on the game Just Dance.


Literary Magazine

This club gives students the opportunity to write for a literary magazine.


Middle Eastern Club

Middle Eastern Club is a group where diverse cultures can meet and thrive. Within this group there are people of various cultures, religions, and ethnicities. Club members celebrate the different cultures of the Middle East by venturing deep into each culture through its traditions including different countries’ specific art, film, and food. This club is an adventure into the world of the Middle East.

Model UN & World Affairs

In Model UN Club, we prepare for our annual conference, the Houston Area Model United Nations Conference, by writing papers and learning about procedure.

National Art Honor Society & Art Club

National Art Honor Society is a chapter of the national organization recognizing students who show outstanding artistic scholarship and service to the school and community through the development of artistic endeavors. NAHS also invites freshman and other students who have not yet had the opportunity to complete a visual art course and therefore, don’t yet qualify for NAHS membership, to work with us through Art Club. The two clubs meet simultaneously and both contribute to projects and club events, including guest speakers and community art projects.

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is an organization dedicated to recognizing outstanding high school students. Selection is based on four criteria: academic achievement, leadership, service, and character. New students are inducted into the National Honor Society each spring.


Girls’ InFormation, an online newsletter maintained and run by Upper School students, was founded as a way for students to learn about journalism and try their hand at writing and reporting. Members write about topics of interest, and aspire to better inform the community.


Photography club is perfect for anyone interested in the art of photography, from beginner to more experienced photographers. In addition to teaching its members the basic concepts of photo design, the club also provides many opportunities for photoshoots, giving its members the chance to express their creativity in new ways.

Number Sense

Number Sense is a club for students interested in mathematics where they learn how to compute mentally. Students learn how to multiply 2- and 3-digit numbers, work with percents, and apply basic algebra rules to computation. Students are trained for competitions which involve taking an 80-question test in 10 minutes.


The Pre-Med Club is for students who have an interest in medicine and the various medical fields. The club activities include presentations from different types of physicians about their work, learning about the human body, and fundraising efforts to support good causes.


The Songwriter's Forum is an opportunity for students who enjoy writing songs.


Spanish Club

The Spanish Club celebrates Spanish culture and language.


Speech and Debate

The Speech and Debate team competes in local and regional competitions.


Student Government

The Student Government organizes events and advocates for students.


Thespian Society

Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart is home to a chapter of the International Thespian Society, an honor society for secondary school theatre students. Membership is granted for the performance of meritorious work in theatre arts in the Upper School.

Wildlife Conservation

The Wildlife Conservation Club seeks to assist with efforts related to wildlife welfare, and makes the community aware of animal issues. The organization discusses various issues and works toward getting involved with specific initiatives that positively impact wildlife conservation.

Women's Empowerment Initiative

The Women’s Empowerment Initiative is open to all and is an independent club that primarily focuses on ensuring that each and every young woman within the student body believes that she can achieve anything she wants, regardless of gender or race.

Young Republicans

The Young Republicans club is for like-minded people who are curious about the Republican Party's history and beliefs.


Iron Plaid Robotics

Duchesne's award-winning robotics team, Iron Plaid, competes in the FIRST Robotics Competition which combines the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology. Iron Plaid is the only all-female robotics team in Houston and one of only three all-female teams in the entire state of Texas. The team routinely competes in Regional and World Championship events.

Guided by the motto "empowered girls with power tools," Iron Plaid seeks to inspire women to develop an interest in STEM and to reverse the negative stereotypes associated with women in STEM, so that women are no longer underrepresented in these growing fields.

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