Campus Life

Duchesne families often remark on the feeling of warmth and camaraderie they are greeted with every time they step on campus, a feeling that the school is a second home. We are certainly inclusive and caring. We are also quite challenging, in the way that a loving family expects the best from each child because they know how much potential resides within her.

Sacred Heart Goals

Within our enveloping Sacred Heart community, your daughter’s formation means…

hands holding heart graphic

exploring her expansive relationship with God and forming a personal faith that guides her actions and helps her interpret the world.

girls head silhouette graphicimmersing herself in authentic and challenging intellectual work and coming to know the joy and satisfaction that accompanies learning pursued for its own sake.

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developing an informed social conscience that impels her to put her knowledge and beliefs into meaningful action beyond the campus.

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contributing her gifts and perspective to our dynamic community where she connects with classmates and teachers to construct a joyful campus culture.

book graphicexercising the privilege of wise freedom, which she earns and tests as she makes increasingly responsible and mature choices.

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My daughter came to Duchesne shy and unsure. In one year, all of that changed, and now she tells me she wants to be the president of the United States!
First-Grade Parent