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  • Erin Hogan

    Erin Hogan grew up in Weimar, a small town west of Houston. Because she attended a small-town school, she was able to play multiple sports in high school — volleyball, basketball, track and field, cross country, as well as cheerleading. She attended the University of Texas at Austin where she played intramural volleyball and basketball, and earned a degree in kinesiology. She has coached volleyball, track and field, basketball, and tennis at the Middle School level and has coached championship athletes in each sport. At Duchesne, she coaches Middle School volleyball and basketball.

  • Nicky Mintz

    Nicky Mintz is from Houston, Texas. He received a BS is Applied Physiology and Sport Management from SMU and a MA in Sports and Fitness Administration from the University of Houston. Before arriving at Duchesne, he worked as a student-manager for the SMU Men’s Basketball program, an athletic coach at The Emery Weiner School, and as the Athletic Director at St. Catherine’s Montessori. He is a P.E., volleyball, and basketball coach at the school.