Junior Sports

Duchesne offers team sports opportunities for our younger students through West Houston Christian Sports Association (WHCSA). 

What sports are offered for team play?

  • Fall – Soccer, PreK-4 through Grade 5 
  • Winter – Basketball, Kindergarten through Grade 5
  • Spring   
    • Softball, Kindergarten through Grade 5 
    • Volleyball, Grades 4-8

Is there a fee associated with WHCSA?

Yes, there is a fee that the league and school determine. Payment will be taken at time of registration.  

What does the fee cover?

The fee covers uniforms, pictures, trophies, league fees, referees, and Duchesne team practice supervision.

How do I register?

  • Information and registration links will be posted on the “Athletics” homepage in your Parent DASHboard, as well as on this website when registration opens for each sport.  

  • Registration will be open for 2-3 weeks. 

When do registrations for each sport begin

  •  Soccer – May
  • Basketball – May
  • Softball – January
  • Volleyball- January

Are late registrations allowed?

Due to time constraints with ordering and delivering uniforms, as well as submission of team information to the league, late registrations will not be accepted.  

How long are the seasons?

Each sport is approximately 10 weeks, which includes 1-2 pre-season practices and 7-8 games.

Where do practices and games take place?  

Practices take place on the Duchesne campus once a week on Sundays, as scheduled by our junior sports coordinator. Games occur on Saturdays at various sites around the city. A team’s coach can also choose to practice at an alternate location/time/day if necessary.

What are the objectives of WHCSA?

The WHCSA seeks to help develop skills, strength, coordination, and the maximum possible health and physical growth of each participant. It assists each child in developing his or her individual athletic and leadership talents. The association instills good sportsmanship and a sense of fair play in coaches, parents, and children. It also encourages the widest possible participation by members of the church and school communities.

I signed up to coach or assist. What does that entail?  

As a coach or assistant coach, you must be Safe Environment certified. Once complete, you are the main liaison between Duchesne, the WHCSA, and the parents and students assigned to your team. Information including but not limited to league guidelines, practice and game schedules, and updates will first be distributed to you, and you will send it out to your team. In addition, you will be asked to pick up and issue uniforms, pictures, and trophies. Lastly, you will coach or assist your team at all practices and games.

Junior Sports Contact

Erin Hogan
Physical Education/Coach

Junior Sports

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