Duchesne's dance program trains creative and inquisitive dancers who are passionate about storytelling and connecting to their communities through dance.

Modeled after programs based in L.A. and N.Y.C., dancers train in an array of styles from ballet, jazz, contemporary, jazz funk/commercial style dance, and musical theater. 

In addition to their training, dancers have the opportunity to perform in the annual Duchesne Dance Show, commercial-style music videos, and holiday performances. Dancers also have the opportunity to audition for our Upper School Dance Team, The Charger Girls. Dance classes are offered in Middle School and Upper School.

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Middle School: What Time Is It

Awake My Soul

Kingdom Dance

Charger Girls Trio


Dance Faculty

Whitney Gillett
Dance Faculty
Charger Girls Coach

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Melissa Lastovica
Dance Personnel
Assistant Charger Girls Coach

Emily Tanner
Dance Faculty