Concert for Uganda

Saturday, January 19, 2019
7 p.m. | Cameron Theatre

This musicpalooza event is a Sacred Heart tradition at Duchesne, featuring bands, musical duets, and solo artists! Live music, including the talents of Fine Arts faculty, Greg Cote, and his band, Greg Cote and the Real Life Friends, will be featured. All proceeds go directly to benefit our Sacred Heart sister school in Uganda, Kyamusansala Sacred Heart Primary School for Girls.

Purchase Tickets and T-Shirts

  • Ticket only: $10 online / $15 at the door
  • T-shirt only: $20


Performers Include

  • Dr. Cramp
  • Mr. Cote and his band
  • Camille Directo
  • Abby Garrett
  • Natalie Gonzales
  • Gabby Holder
  • Joanna Kass
  • Jacob Lara
  • Jacob Manley
  • Ana Passmore
  • STH BAND (Carter Glasscock, John Teague, Taylor Albrecht)!
  • Andrea Tager
  • Jamison Tarver
  • Daniel Tran

Supporting Sacred Heart Schools in Uganda

In the spirit of Goal III, this annual fundraiser benefits our Sacred Heart sister schools in Kenya and Uganda. Begun in 2008, this Sacred Heart outreach has become a beloved tradition here on our campus. Our funds provide tremendous benefit towards a loving, safe environment for children and young adults as they pursue a fresh start at self-determination through solid education. Funds raised in 2018 from USA Sacred Heart schools went directly to five Sacred Heart schools and two organizations in Kenya and Uganda, benefiting over 4,227 people this past year, with:

  • Tuition aid
  • Meals for students and staff
  • Class materials
  • School furniture
  • Fencing for security
  • Kitchen renovation

Watch a video about the Uganda school: