Why I Chose Duchesne

Written By Halliday Mafrige, Class of 2021

Duchesne has a special place in my heart. I transferred to this school in 8th grade and have met some of my best friends of all time here. I had always thought that all-girls education was overrated. But after immersing myself into the culture and community of Duchesne, I realized that the all-girls environment impacted me in a positive and helpful way. Duchesne has really nurtured my love for learning and helped me reach my full potential. With fun and engaged teachers who are there for me every step of the way, I have been able to push past any challenge that has come along. At Duchesne, I have learned many valuable lessons that will be very useful in college, such as how to be persistent, how to write a good research paper, how to write a lab report, and most importantly, how to not give up.

The academics and teachers at Duchesne were a large part of me choosing to enroll at this school. Once I got here, I could immediately tell that all the teachers love their subject as well as their students. Each teacher makes time to talk to their students and provides one-on-one instruction if they need it. It is evident that they care so much for their students and really want them to succeed in every endeavor. I, for one, have often approached teachers if I did not understand something, and they were all very open to conversations about what I am struggling with and have helped me through academic challenges. Teachers at Duchesne have also helped me realize what I want to do in the future and have increased the love that I have for particular subjects. For example, I have had wonderful experiences in the English department. Every English teacher that I have had has increased my love of both literature and writing.

While it is true that this school has a very high-octane academic environment about it, it has been very helpful to me, and I know it will prove useful in the long run. Coming from a public-school education where I did not necessarily have to study, Duchesne has taught me to be more organized in my study methods, and I am confident that making the transition from Upper School to college will not be a very drastic change. The academics at this school have pushed and challenged me to unlock my full potential, and for that, I am very grateful.

The community of this school is unlike any other. Transferring at such an unconventional time, I had fairly low expectations. I was so pleasantly surprised at the kindness I was shown during my first year. That year was great for me, and I ended up making my best friends that I still constantly see and keep in contact with today, even though several have graduated.

I am grateful for my experience at Duchesne, for it has shaped me to be more outgoing, confident, and it has helped mold me into what I am today. I am certain in my ability to leave Duchesne and enter college with strong skills and a solid foundation under my belt, and I know that I can handle anything the world throws my way.