3 Benefits of Wearing a School Uniform

Written by Olivia Watson, Duchesne Upper School Student

When I was in middle school at Duchesne, my classmates and I served at Kids Meals as a social awareness project, and we wore our school uniforms. Wearing my uniform did not hinder me from completing the tasks given, nor did it distract me. After a few hours of hard work, we all gathered in the meeting area, and we were congratulated on all that we had done together and in such a short amount of time. When our school went back to Kids Meals a few months later, we were known for the hard work we had done because we were recognized while wearing our uniforms.  It was gratifying to see that I was able to make a difference and represent my school in a respectful way.

1. School uniforms draw out a character over appearance approach

With school uniforms, there is less pressure on the appearance of your dress, which allows more focus who you are, and not what you look like. The amount of judgment people have toward the way someone dresses does not pose a problem with school uniforms. Without the burden of worrying about how you have to dress, your concentration shifts toward your character and your personality.

2. School uniforms create community

When I am wearing a uniform, I am not thinking about myself as an individual, but rather that I am a part of something larger than me. The leniency of our school uniform provides the opportunity for all of us to dress how we like to while maintaining our representation of the school. The unity of our uniforms helps us be identified when others see us.

3. School uniforms provide a dress for success mindset

We have different types of uniforms, depending on the events that we attend at school. For example, our dress code for mass is more formal than our everyday uniform, and our dress code for field trips and volunteer opportunities are more relaxed. When we are asked to dress for a specific event, it helps to put it in perspective for what you should wear when it comes to real-life like job prospects.

School uniforms might first feel like conformity, but I came to realize that I should start treating it like an opportunity because it is a privilege to wear my school colors and be able to focus on my academic experience instead of stressing about appearances.