Rolling Admissions During Spring and Summer

Written By Tony Houle, Head of Admissions and Strategic Imperatives

As our primary admissions season for this year comes to an end on April 3, 2020, Duchesne will still accept applications for the 2020-2021 school year. We recommend you touch base with us prior to applying as we anticipate several of our classes to be full. However, even in normal years, we have some attrition and movement over the summer. It is impossible, though, to anticipate in which classes.

The rolling admissions process can move quickly. Upon completion of the application, the admissions committee will convene as soon as possible and review the application. A decision would come shortly after that meeting. I do recommend that you apply sooner than later, even if you are on the fence about choosing Duchesne. Our school year begins August 10, 2020, and after that date, we do not anticipate enrolling any students from the local area. If a student has not completed an application by August 1, it is going to be difficult to be ready for the start of the year.

The rolling admissions season may be a bit different right now as we navigate the uncertain times of COVID-19.  Our applications are online, so much of the process can be completed right from home. In grades where teacher recommendations, grades, and transcripts are required, those can be done through our system, Ravenna, and email. However, because of the stay-at-home order, testing requirements are affected as follows:

  • Lower School: Normally, applicants for PK4-4th grade are required to submit WPPSI or WISC test scores. Until testing centers re-open, we will conduct virtual assessments with Duchesne's Head of Lower School. Following that meeting, the Head of Lower School will determine if she needs your daughter to visit with some of our teachers.
  • Middle and Upper School: Normally, applicants for 5th-12th grade may submit either ISEE test scores or a portfolio. So, for now, instead of the ISEE being an option, girls now are required to complete a portfolio and complete the student questionnaire which will be used as a writing sample as well. We will also conduct the Upper School student interview virtually and we would like the parents to join us for that conversation.

We are still open for business and looking forward to working with you all. I love the rolling admissions season as I feel like the pace is such that your family and our department get to know each other very well. You can expect a lot of communication from us and we are available to answer your questions. I would also recommend that you view our admissions website for additional information, pertinent links, and highlights from our Instagram feed. Please also follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to get a sense of how school is normally and how life is right now as we are remote learning.