My Spiritual Journey at Duchesne

Written by Adrienne Rivera, Upper School Student

I have been Catholic since birth. I was baptized as a baby, received my first communion in 1st grade, went to a Catholic middle school, continued practicing my faith at Duchesne my freshman year, and received my confirmation in 10th grade. I’ve gone through most of the steps of being Catholic; however, Duchesne has truly allowed me to learn about and take charge of my own faith. I have even become an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist thanks to Duchesne!

Masses & Prayer Services

An essential factor to spiritual growth at Duchesne is attending Masses. Duchesne hosts five to six all-school Masses for important holidays in the Catholic faith and Sacred Heart tradition, such as St. Madeleine Sophie’s Feast Day, Ash Wednesday, Easter, The Immaculate Conception, etc. These all-school Masses allow all divisions (Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools) to unite and actively celebrate faith with singing, praying, and the Eucharist. Duchesne also hosts optional First Friday Masses every month, which is a great way to strengthen your faith and relationship with God. I’ve participated in a handful of them, and they never fail to bring me peace especially when I have a lot on my plate.

Finally, Duchesne hosts multiple prayer services in all divisions throughout the school year. These services are like shorter versions of Mass without the Eucharist and involve praying and singing.

Extraordinary Ministers

The Upper School Campus Minister offers training to eligible juniors who’d like to become an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist. Future ministers complete their training during junior year, and they learn all the rules about distributing the Eucharist at Mass. At the first all-school Mass of their senior year, they are commissioned and participate as Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist at all future Masses. I trained to become a minister myself, which has challenged me to learn more about and grow closer to God and the Church, and it has allowed to me take control of my spiritual journey.

Theology Classes

A theology or religion class is a required part of every Duchesne student’s curriculum, so students are constantly learning something new about the Catholic faith. As students enter high school, the theology classes become less about learning about the basics, but about delving deep into the meanings of the Scriptures, creating solid foundations in their spiritual journeys, and learning how to live their own faiths. Additionally, the Theology Department offers world religion classes that introduce students to the practices of Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and other faith traditions.


The Upper School Campus Ministry team and Upper School clubs are excellent ways for students to become more involved in nurturing their spiritual growth with Duchesne’s support and fellow friends. The Campus Ministry team consists of elected students and volunteers who work to spread God’s Word on and off campus through liturgies, prayer services, retreats, community outreach, and various youth ministry events. Duchesne offers several faith-based clubs where students can celebrate their faith through activities and prayer, including CathoLit and the Muslim Student Association.

My faith experience at Duchesne will carry on beyond graduation because it has aided me in creating an unbreakable bond between me and my Savior. The insightful theology classes I’ve taken since freshman year and the opportunity to become an Extraordinary Minister have helped me build an amazing foundation to continue building upon in college.