4 Reasons to Attend a K-12 School

Written by Yannay Victor, Duchesne Upper School Student

Going to a K-12 School has impacted my life in many ways. From the person I have become, who I am able to meet, and what I have learned. The community I have been able to be apart of is such a loving and caring environment, and it has allowed me to grow into someone who is strong and independent. Below I wrote, what I believe is the best four reasons to attend a K-12 school.

1. Building Strong Relationships

I have attended Duchesne Academy since Pre-K, and it allowed me to be surrounded by many of the same people over the years. I got the chance to become very close friends with the girls in other grades because our school community is so strong. Because of the strong relationships that are formed, you get the chance to learn from other people. The community becomes one large family, no matter if it is a student’s first year at Duchesne, or they have been there for 14 years, like me!

2. Being Able to Become Your Own Unique person

In this community, we are all encouraged to do what interests us. From a very young age, we were all exposed to many things like art, technology, music, and sports. As we got older, we could decide if we wanted to go further in-depth to explore an interest that we enjoyed, and by the time we were in Upper School, we were all expressing ourselves in different ways. Everyone at Duchesne has their own interests, and the amazing part is that everyone expresses that interest in their own way, whether its theater, music, art, photography, robotics, or athletics. Since some of us have been at Duchesne for a very long time, it allows us to be comfortable with the community and not be shy to show who we are. Over time, as more and more students come to the school, the mindset of not being scared to be yourself spreads through all the students and allows everyone in the community to be comfortable with being who they are.

3. Leadership While Still Being Able to Look Up to Someone

Because of the broad range of ages of the students on campus, everyone can impact each other’s lives. The shift into Middle School and Upper School became so much easier because I was able to see the experiences that the older girls were living since they were on campus with me. I got to see how the seniors apply to college before I had to do it. I got to look up to girls that were older than me, and not only did they inspire me, but also relieved a lot of stress for me because I got to see what they did well and what they struggled with. I was able to ask them the questions I had, and they were always able to give me the advice I needed because they have been in the same spot as me before.

There are also many leadership positions that girls can have because of the age variety. From Lower School, where the 4th grade will often help the Pre-K girls, all the way to Upper School and having Lower School Chapel buddies to take to mass. I have been able to partake in a countless number of leadership opportunities, and it has allowed me to learn new people skills and develop in my maturity, responsibility, and respectfulness.

4. A Welcoming Community

A good thing about going to a K-12 school is that when there are new students, their new classmates are able to help them because they already have knowledge of the school. When the whole grade is new to the school, it is harder for everyone to try and figure out what to do and adjust, but when there are only a few new girls, the process of getting comfortable in a new school is a lot smoother because they can ask anyone for help. Although I have been in Duchesne Academy my whole life, many of my friends always felt that Duchesne is an environment that is easy to come into because everyone is so helpful and welcoming.

There are times where I will be nervous about going into a room with girls I am not close with or who are in other grades than me, but the second I step into that room, it is clear that the community that is Duchesne is present in every room in the building.