College Fit Resources

On March 3, Duchesne hosted Challenge Success for a parent education event titled “A Well-Balanced Perspective on College Fit: What Matters, What Doesn't, and What to Do about it.”  Jen Coté, our Challenge Success Coach, shared current research and practical strategies that support a balanced approach to the college process.  

Below you will find resources from the event (PDF of slides and Criteria Ranking Activity), as well as other resources from Challenge Success.

Challenge Success offers resources to help you support your student’s well-being and engagement in learning. We invite you to visit the Challenge Success website and explore the links below:

·  READ The White Paper on College Fit summarizing the research on which the talk was based. Check out the other White Papers that summarize research and offer practical suggestions on topics including homework, cheating, and Advanced Placement (AP) classes.

·  CHECK OUT Raising Well-Balanced Kids and Tips to Help Your Child Thrive, which offer common-sense tips based on children’s known developmental needs and research on child and adolescent well-being.

·  EXPLORE research and tips for a balanced approach to digital media use.

·  BROWSE book recommendations and read Challenge Success blog entries by authors including Dr. Denise Pope, Dr. Madeline Levine, and Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg.

·  WATCH video recordings of other Parent Education Presentations, including the Well-Balanced Student and Making Homework Work. In each video, Dr. Denise Pope presents the latest research on raising healthy, engaged children.

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