A Look Inside the College Advising Office

Written by Caroline Crowder, Duchesne Upper School Student

Hi, my name is Caroline, and I am a senior at Duchesne Academy. I have been going to Duchesne since 8th grade and have loved my experience so far. This year, I completed my college admissions journey and wanted to share some things about this process.

What is College Advising

At Duchesne, college advising helps students identify schools where they can be themselves and helps them continue into the next step of their life journey. For me, the College Advising Office is a place where I can talk to the advisors about anything college-related, including college essays, scholarships, and any questions about the process. The College Advising Office is a beneficial resource that Duchesne provides for all Upper School students.

What happens each year of high school for College Advising?


During freshman year, it is important to focus on grades and being active in the Duchesne community and in the local community. Students should start to find out what inspires them and what motivates them to be involved.


It is vital to continue to focus on grades and continue developing those ties in the community. Students should start to figure out what type of college they like (large or small/ urban or rural). Students will do a virtual or in-person college trip with Duchesne to visit different schools in Texas. In my sophomore year, I visited the University of Dallas, the University of Texas in Dallas, Southern Methodist University, Baylor University, Texas Christian University, and Texas A&M.


Juniors should start to get in-depth in activities and develop leadership roles in clubs or sports. In the middle of junior year, Duchesne students will meet their college advisor (Mrs. Bolen-Lourie or Ms. Frink), take surveys, and should start to tour schools independently. At the end of a student's junior year, they should have a solid draft of essays, resumes, and college lists. Students must stay on top of their grades as it is crucial because junior year is the most current representation of academic qualifications that colleges will see.


Senior year, students will fill out and write supplemental essays and continue to keep up grades. (Do not get senioritis because colleges may still see your grades senior year!). Seniors should tour colleges and do virtual events to show demonstrated interest. Students can look at scholarship opportunities at the beginning and middle of their senior year.

Meet the College Advisors

Duchesne has two college advisors that work with students throughout their time in the Upper School.

Katie Frink

Ms. Frink grew up in Dallas, Texas. She attended Rhodes College, where she earned a B.A. in economic and international studies. She holds an M.Ed. in higher education and leadership from Southern Methodist University. After nine years as an admission counselor at Rhodes College, she came to Duchesne to help students navigate their college searches from start to finish.

  • Fun Fact: She went to middle school in Lhokseumawe, Indonesia.
  • Advice for the College Process: Be open; the schools might surprise you, and you might surprise yourself. Decide early on how you will organize your information. The more you have control over the information, the more you can feel confident in the process.
  • Favorite Book: Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond Chronicles
  • Favorite Thing about being a College Advisor: The students are fun to get to know, and I get to work with high school students on shaping out details on the next step into their futures.
Kate Bolen-Lourie

Mrs. Bolen- Lourie earned a B.A. in English from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2006. She is currently pursuing an M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration at Louisiana State University. Before coming to Duchesne, Ms. Bolen-Lourie served as an Associate Director of College Counseling at The Emery/Weiner School. As College Advising Director, she is tasked with leading Duchesne's College Advising program and guiding students through the college application process.

  • Fun Fact: She has been on a float in two Mardi Gras parades
  • Advice for the College Process: Be yourself and don't try to be who the college admissions people think you want to be. Use it as an opportunity to get to know yourself and know what your goals and aspirations are.
  • Favorite Movie: Interview with a Vampire
  • Favorite Thing about being a College Advisor: I enjoy getting to know students and helping people take that next step in their academic journey.