3 Reasons Duchesne Teachers are Awesome

Written by Elizabeth Johnson, Duchesne Upper School Student

Our teachers at Duchesne are unique. There are no others like them. They guide us to not just complete the deadlines for our work but prepare us for our future challenges and successes. They make sure that we do not just do work to keep us busy but do it so we learn and improve our education so we are prepared for whatever may come next.

Always There to Help

Duchesne’s teachers are always adapting to the students’ needs because they want us to grow academically. This is something that I have taken advantage of numerous times and have found useful in multiple different situations. I will sometimes reach out to them and request that we meet because I need them to explain something to me again because I just did not quite understand it in class. They happily accept my request to meet and make sure that I understand everything so the next time I see them in class I am no longer confused. The whole interaction of them helping me is always so positive and kind that it makes me feel better, and whenever I apologize because I feel as though I am interrupting their day, they reassure me and say that they are here for me and to help me and that they are pleased with the results of me understanding the lesson.

Explore our Creative Minds 

In addition to this, they want to make sure we are not just learning information from a textbook but that we reach our creative side, and so they influence artwork into many projects to see our adaptation and perspective on a lesson they have taught. Examples of an activity they might do, is draw a picture, create a video, or edit a collage of something that represents what you are going for.

Nothing is Impossible

The teachers here are always so supportive of all our goals and aspirations and help us to stretch our creative minds. I love this about them because they assure me that everything is possible, and yes, I may have big dreams and feel as though I may never reach them, but they tell me to just never give up and it may be challenging, but nothing is impossible if I just try.