3 Reasons Why Going to All-Girls School is Amazing 

Written by Barrett Wickman, Duchesne Upper School Student

I have been going to an all-girls school my whole life. I started at Duchesne in Pre-K and will graduate with the senior class! Going to an all-girls school has shaped me into the young lady that I am today. Duchesne has given me so much such as strength, courage, a wonderful community, and great role models. Here are the top three reasons I love going to an all-girls school. 

1. Sisterhood

The community that an all-girls school gives is different from a co-ed school. I know that my friends and my entire grade will all have each other's backs. The all-girl community is so welcoming because we go through everything together: no girl left behind. We are so close as a school community that I hope my own daughter would have the opportunity to grow up in such a wonderful environment. To have true friends that will always be there for you, make you laugh, and pick you up when you are down is what makes this school and community so amazing. 

2. Encouragement 

There is enormous encouragement that comes from within the community. I remember being a shy girl when I first came to Duchesne in Pre-K. Through second grade, I was pretty shy, and I was scared to speak up for myself, but that all changed once I began third grade when I developed confidence.

My freshman year in high school was amazing because it was like I became a different person. I had awesome friends, and I was able to find myself. Duchesne gave me a community and amazing people that surrounded me with positive encouragement. Our teachers are always there for us to help us succeed and become the women of tomorrow. Everyone is incredibly encouraging, and that helps to keep students working hard and succeeding. 

3. Intellectual Values

At Duchesne, I have been given the opportunity to have a great education. Being in a classroom with only girls allows me to feel comfortable and focused on my studies. I'm never afraid to ask a question in class. When you speak up, you are helping another student who might have the same question. The classroom environment at Duchesne is very encouraging and that has helped me grow into the strong and confident person I am today.