School Spirit at an All-Girls School

Written by Caroline Kobe, Duchesne Upper School Student

Being at Duchesne since Pre-K has allowed me to view all aspects of the Duchesne community. All parts of the community are wonderful, but my favorite is our school spirit. At Duchesne, there are many ways to be involved in school spirit. And just because we don't have a football team on campus doesn't mean that we miss out on the fun of Friday night lights!

Cheer and Pep Rallies

An option for our students to get involved in school spirit is by trying out to be a cheerleader at the all-boys Catholic high school, St. Thomas. St. Thomas cheerleaders cheer at St. Thomas football and basketball games as well as St. Thomas pep rallies and Duchesne pep rallies. The cheerleaders form a positive environment and encourage school spirit both at St. Thomas and Duchesne, and many Duchesne students attend the St. Thomas football games. We also often hold a big tailgate party for the St. Thomas vs. Strake football game each fall. 

Our Duchesne pep rallies are new to our community, but they are loved by students of all ages. We get to share our excitement for our sports teams and cheer them on for their season. During pep rallies, the entire Duchesne student body joins together for performances by the cheerleaders, dance team, and our mascot, Cha Cha!

Spirit Club

Spirit Club is a great way for our high school students to become more involved in our community and support our school. Spirit Club encourages Duchesne students to support our athletes and sports teams. The club also makes banners and locker decorations, organizes pep rallies, and promotes Duchesne sporting events.

Cha Cha the Mascot

Another way our school expressed school spirit is through Cha Cha, our mascot. Cha Cha goes to sporting events as well as other activities on campus to help connect our community. Cha Cha is VERY popular among the Lower School girls and they love to give her hugs and high fives. 

Dance Team

Our Duchesne community has also welcomed a new dance team, the Charger Girls. The Charger Girls are high school students who share a love for dance as well as school spirit. They perform at Duchesne sporting events and create a positive atmosphere for girls to express themselves through dance. School spirit is important to Duchesne because it forms a stronger sense of a community.