Since 1960, we’ve led Houston-area girls through the process of life-changing education. Anchored in the five Goals and Criteria of the Sacred Heart, your daughter’s Duchesne education develops every aspect of her being and resides within her long after graduation, informing every era of her unfolding life.

Why Attend Duchesne

Watch this video to see what makes Duchesne one of the most unique schools in Houston.


What's Happening Now

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    Head of Admissions and Strategic Imperatives

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    Admissions Associate
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    Duchesne is such a unique community. Every student you walk by in the hallways is your friend. Everyone smiles at you and holds the doors open for you. Being a student of the Sacred Heart is much bigger than we all think, and it's amazing that as a part of this community, I have 700+ sisters. 12th Grader