Teaching With Technology

Duchesne's immersive technology integration program offers our students an engaged learning environment. We provide a variety of digital resources and collaboration tools that support student-centered and individual learning styles.

Dedicated technologists work with faculty to incorporate technology in meaningful ways that inform and differentiate instruction and create more interactive learning environments.

Students develop 21st-century skills that encourage collaboration, promote ownership of their understanding, and enhance the learning process.

iPads in Lower School

The interactivity of the iPad has swiftly changed the dynamics of our Lower School classrooms. From academic reinforcement in Pre-Kindergarten to creativity and problem solving in second and third grades, iPads enable individualized learning.

Tablet PCs in Grades 4-12

Students in grades 4–12 use Tablet PCs that enable them to process and create information specific to their learning preferences through touch, handwriting, and audio tools.

Technology Faculty

Matt Bounds
Upper School Computer Studies

Ruth Hanson
Lower School Educational Technologist

Jill Hess
Upper School Computer Studies

Chris Jackson
Middle School Computer Studies

Jessica LaMore
Learning and Innovation Specialist

Toshiba Tablet PC