Our faculty members are the heart and soul of Duchesne. Students build strong bonds with their teachers that often last years beyond graduation. Our faculty genuinely care about each student and are invested in the girls' success.

We have 92 teachers across the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools. All faculty receive ongoing professional development each year so that they are continually learning new skills and teaching methods. 

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Tenets of Faculty Excellence

Each of our faculty members are committed to the following:

  • Demonstrates an understanding of Catholic Identity, respects the tenets of Catholicism, and participates in the faith life of the School.
  • Models acceptance of and respect for other faith and cultural traditions.
  • Values and encourages interactive service as a life-long commitment.
  • Creates an inviting environment which honors rigor and relevance, and promotes critical thinking, collaboration, and the creative use of the imagination.
  • Demonstrates a passion for teaching or area of expertise and exhibits mastery of their respective discipline.
  • Nurtures intellectual curiosity, engagement, and a life-long love of learning in all aspects of school life.
  • Recognizes the individual needs of learners and varies teaching and learning strategies to encourage each girl to develop her talents and skills.
  • Embraces the importance of the integration of technology into the curriculum; supports and promotes the ethical use of all forms of technology.
  • Researches, reflects on, and adopts best practices to promote excellence in the classroom or area of expertise.
  • Continually seeks professional growth through self-reflection, observations, collegial dialogue and professional development opportunities.
  • Fulfills routine professional responsibilities in a thoughtful and timely manner.
  • Works in partnership and open communication with parents and colleagues to ensure the well-being of the school and personal growth of each student.
  • Contributes to a community culture that fosters thoughtful decision-making, honorable behavior, accountability, and a sense of hope.