College Advising

We know every Duchesne girl is college bound, so we consider where each individual, with her unique array of strengths, interests, and goals, would best contribute, thrive, and fulfill her ambitions. Students depart for the Northeast, the Midwest, or West Coast— or abroad, with others remain in Texas. In every case, college advising starts with a personal connection. It culminates with matching each young scholar with the environment that will continue the formation she began at Duchesne.

College Advising Philosophy

The Upper School College Advising office is an important resource for Duchesne students as they seek the right college. The College Advising office guides upperclass students through the search process with the belief that most students can successfully navigate the process with a minimum of stress. The College Advising philosopy includes:

  • A successful search is process oriented.
  • The search process is student centered.
  • Students take ownership of and responsibility for most of the major tasks.
  • Match and fit are the goals of a successful search.

College Advising Services

The College Advising Office, Curriculum and Learning Support, and academic deans work together to ensure students present competitive academic profiles in selective college applicant pools. College Advising sponsors formal and informal programming to facilitate the application process and to familiarize students with less known colleges and universities. They often schedule individual and small group meetings to customize counseling sessions. Services and programming sponsored by College Advising include:

  • PSAT administrations for sophomores and juniors
  • National college representative visits
  • January sophomore trip to Texas colleges and universities
  • Local and national college fair notices
  • SAT/ACT diagnostic testing
  • College search kickoff meeting for juniors and parents
  • Individual introductory junior meetings
  • Junior family meetings to review suggested college search list and discuss search strategy
  • Essay workshop and review
  • Senior update meetings
  • Senior individual and small group meetings
  • SAT and ACT test date reminders
  • FAFSA and CSS Profile reminders
  • Advanced Placement Test administrations
  • Naviance technology to facilitate and track application submissions

College Advising Office

Sheila Baisden
College Advising Director
713.468.8211, ext. 3169

Jamy Champenoy
College Advising Associate Director
713.468.8211, ext. 3138

Lendora Johnson
713.468.8211, ext. 3160