2017 Prize Day Awards

Each division marks the end of the school year by celebrating Prize Day. For both students and faculty, Prize Day is a time to celebrate achievements and reward the hard work of the past year.

Please click on the links below to view a list of the prizes awarded in each division.

Lower School Prize Day Awards

St. Madeleine Sophie Barat Award
Madeleine Bulger
Ava Powell

May Crowning Marian Court
Libby Allen
Camella Brown
Nina Canales
Zi-Shan Chew
Ana Victoria Crespo
Megan Doyle
Adelaide Finnestad
Andrea Garza Estebanez
Lilian Hwu
McKenzie Jones
Fiona McFaden
Juliette Miller
Reagan Moeller
Ava Moore
Sienna Reid
Kelsey Wagner

Spirit Awards
Pre-K 3 - Parker Antel and Isabella Veazey
Pre-K 4 - Lilly Rodgers and Cayetana Vallejo
Kindergarten - Maddie Lissonnet and Olivia Mohtashami
1st Grade - Ellana Lewis and Savannah Nelson
2nd Grade - Macy Anchondo and Lauren Moore
3rd Grade - Christine Directo and Emma Schicke
4th Grade - Evelyn Muskat and Carina Savarino

Physical Education Awards
Audrey Bagot
Emily Camp

3rd – 5th Grade Archdiocesan Spelling Bee
Audrey Bagot
Skyler Marich
Honmi Oshe
Mia Strathman

Middle School Prize Day Awards

St. Philippine Duchesne Award
Caroline Beck

AON Scholarship Award
Ayza Musharrif

Cooperation and Courtesy Awards
5th grade – Rebeca Garcia
6th grade – Marie Walsh
7th grade – Parker Dennis
8th grade – Barrett Wickman

Middle School Peer Award
5th grade – Peighton Riha
6th grade – Baileigh Riha
7th grade – Bridget Anders
8th grade – Ella Hough

Heart Fellow Award
Katie Giveon and Carina Kass

Outstanding Middle School Athlete
Sophia Rogers

Seventh Grade Friendship Award
Caro Maruri and Alyson Wolf

21st Century Awards – Recognizing girls who exemplify the 5 C’s

Character: To the girl who always displays a high level of integrity. This girl is consistently recognized for her good character and strong moral principles both in and out of the classroom
5th grade – Manning Muller
6th grade – Caroline Kobe
7th grade – Bushra Goraya
8th grade – Sophia Rogers

Collaboration: To the girl who displays a talent in working with others. This student helps others successfully complete projects and activities by making necessary compromises and valuing the contributions and talents of her peers.
5th grade – Brielle Burns
6th grade – Marie Walsh
7th grade – Emma Castro
8th grade – Sana Abdulaziz

Creativity: To the girl who consistently demonstrates the ability to create new and worthwhile ideas. This student is often observed sharing and implementing ideas and talents that uniquely enhance the classroom and school community.
5th grade – Calli Caramonta
6th grade – Maddie Davis
7th grade – Bella Smith
8th grade – Georgianna Mathews

Communication: To the girl who is consistently appropriate in her interaction with others both in and out of the classroom. She regularly displays a knack for effect and appropriate communication with peers and adults.
5th grade – Bea Maruri
6th grade – Brynn Bond
7th grade – Zoe Smith
8th grade – Jillian Jackson

Critical Thinking: To the girl who demonstrates an ability to apply higher level thinking in a manner that is easily identified by both peers and adults. This girl consistently draws conclusions based on the best analysis and solves problems in and out of the classroom in innovative ways.
5th grade – Hannah Thompson
6th grade – Lorena Maher
7th grade – Lilah Grzeszczuk
8th grade – Carina Kass

Prize Day Goals

Goal I: A personal and active faith in God
5th grade – Milano Gutierrez
6th grade – Baileigh Riha
7th grade – Olivia Watson
8th grade – Dana Theroux

Goal II: A deep respect for intellectual values
5th grade – Mary Longo
6th grade – Caty Gottschalk
7th grade – Izzy Parmenter
8th grade – Katie Giveon

Goal III: A social awareness which impels to action
5th grade – Leah Kaldis
6th grade – Lizzie Yzaguirre
7th grade – Caitlin Doyle
8th grade – Lucia Chamness

Goal IV: The building of community as a Christian value
5th grade – Peighton Riha
6th grade – Echo Malinowski-Cunningham
7th grade – Lily Lamelas
8th grade – Daniela Astralaga

Goal V: Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom
5th grade – Kiara Richard
6th grade – Emily Parmenter
7th grade – Megan Ellis
8th grade – Claudia Melena

Academic Awards

5th Grade Academic Prizes
Language Arts – Sarah Sims
French – Chloe Wilson
Social Studies – Grace Giveon
Mathematics – Madeleine Agee
Science – Julia Newman
Religion – Julia Harfenist
PE – Peighton Riha
Most Consistent Improvement – Lily Askounis
Academic Excellence – Brielle Burns

6th Grade Academic Prizes
Language Arts – Megan Toussaint
Social Studies – Ava Grzeszczuk
Mathematics – Gabby Frugoni
Science – Jasmine Evans
French – Echo Malinowski-Cunningham
Spanish – Victoria Vasquez
Religion – Isabella Willmann
Most Consistent Improvement – Gabby Belveal
Academic Excellence – Gabby Frugoni

7th Grade Academic Prizes
English – Mimi Bhalla and Sarah Elisa Diaz Perdomo
Texas History – Colombe Emal-Langrand and Caro Maruri
Mathematics – Gia Gonzalez and Lilah Grzeszczuk
Science – Lily Lamelas and Marley Tholcken
French – Abby Thompson
Spanish – Kate Vo
Religion – Katelyn Brown and Rosemary Johnson
Art – Lindsey Regan
Music – Genevieve Poore
Theater – Gianna Santasiero
Technology – Emily Biegler
Most Consistent Improvement – Christina Balboa
Academic Excellence – Bridget Anders

8th Grade Academic Awards
English – Kathrine Kiersted
Social Studies – Anna Lucia Munoz
Mathematics – Ayza Musharrif
Science – Nicole Interiano
French – Lilly Yager
Spanish – Bella Savarino
Religion – Emma Doyle
Art – Jillian Jackson
Music – Emma Bass
Theater – Olivia Faucett
Technology – Katie Giveon
Most Consistent Improvement – Mikhaela Bernal-Tent
Academic Excellence – Ella Hough

The Sister Pauline Perdrau Award – 4.0 for 8th Grade
Katie Giveon
Ella Hough
Nicole Interiano
Carina Kass
Kathrine Kiersted
Anna Lucia Munoz
Ayza Musharrif
Bella Savarino
Lilly Yager

Upper School Prize Day Awards

True Child of the Sacred Heart
Lucia Interiano

Kayleigh Head

Ariel Tarrand

Senior Peer Award
Jeanne Marie King

Social Awareness Award
Madison Heeg

Senior Athlete of the Year
Madison Heeg

Four Year Fine Arts Award
Rachel Hess

Three Year Technology Award
Marybeth Goundry

Campus Ministry
Alyssa Aswell and Lizzie Scamardo

The Theadore J. Munchak Student Athlete Award
Eva Van Pelt

The Allison Atwood Allen Award
Avani Sihra

Faculty Awards
9th grade – Christine Goundry
10th grade – Andrea Tager
11th grade – Sarah Swackhamer
12th grade – Lizzie Scamardo

Peer Awards
9th grade – Christine Goundry
10th grade – Grace Kielty
11th grade – Sarah Swackhamer

Book Awards

Brandeis Book Award
Isa Alamo

Sewanee Book Award
Grace Burgert

Smith Book Award
Camilla Valente

Holy Cross Award
Jacqueline Aruffo

St. Michaels College Book Award
Katherine Guidry

Chatham University Rachel Carson Book Award
Kathryn Dzierzanowski

Stonehill College Book Award
Andreina Pardey

St. Lawrence University Book Award
Michelle Nguyen

Randolph College Book Award
Paige Clark

Saint Anselm College Book Award
Stephanie Prado

Rensselaer Medal Award
Yu Shen

John Hopkins University
Eva Van Pelt

University of Virginia Jefferson Book Award
Julia Archer

Washington and Lee Book Award
Madison Romo

Academic Prizes

Religious Studies
9th grade – Anne Marie Bollman
10th grade – Joanna Kass
11th grade – Teresa Garcia
12th grade – Lizzie Scamardo

9th grade – Elizabeth Eklof
10th grade – Joanna Kass
11th grade – Sarah Swackhamer
AP English Literature – Avani Sihra
Senior Composition and Literature – Molly Longwell

Social Studies
World Geography and Cultures – Avnika Dubey
Modern World History – Sophie McNamara
AP European History – Alex Imre
United States History – Eva Van Pelt
Senior Social Studies – Madison Heeg
General Psychology – Kristen Schank

Foreign Language
French I – Regina Gonzalez
French II – Natalie Ellis
Advanced French II – Anne Marie Bollman
French III – Yu Shen
Advanced French III – Sophie McNamara
Advanced French IV – Sarah Swackhamer
AP French Language – Rita Khouri
Spanish I – Emma Montano
Spanish II – Elizabeth Davidson
Advanced Spanish II – Sophia Miller
Spanish III – Jaime Williams
Advanced Spanish III – Carolyn Enochs
Spanish IV – Anna Cate Lorino
Advanced Spanish IV – Jackie Aruffo
AP Spanish Language – Ariel Tarrand

Algebra I – Vivian Vann
Geometry – Caroline House
Advanced Geometry – Caitlin Gilmour
Algebra II Geometry – Nicole Sagarnaga
Advanced Algebra II – Natalie Ellis
Precalculus – Michelle Nguyen
Advanced Precalculus – Eva Van Pelt
AP Calculus – Ariel Tarrand
AP Statistics – Leah Touchstone

Biology – Caitlin Gilmour
Chemistry – Nicole Sagarnaga
Advanced Chemistry – Natalie Ellis
AP Chemistry – Kayleigh Head
Physics – Avani Sihra
AP Physics – Jackie Aruffo
Ecology – Mikayla Schultea
Environmental Science – Lizzie Chiang
AP Environmental Science – Julia Powell
AP Biology – Lizzie Chiang

Fine Arts
Musical Theater – Emmalynn Barry
Introduction to Acting – Natalie Gonzales
Theater Arts – Payton Dennis
Guitar – Michelle Salomon Simon
Music – Camilla Valente
Ceramics – Ariel Tarrand
Photography – Grace Burgert
Drawing – Eva Van Pelt
Painting – Carol Longo
AP Art – Marybeth Goundry
Advanced Studio Art – Kathryn Dzierzanowski

Computer Studies
Computer Support – Sarah Swackhamer
Advanced Computer Support – Vina Xue