Middle School Science Fair Awards

The 6th-grade class presented projects to judges to demonstrate their knowledge of the scientific method.

Duchesne hosted the Middle School Science Fair on May 13 and the 6th graders did an outstanding job! The 6th grade from Regis also participated, and the students were very excited to show off their projects and knowledge of the scientific method. Thank you to all the parents and judges for a successful day. And a special thanks to alumnae Ary Dotiwala ’06 and Mariana Kendall ’16 for coming back to campus to serve as judges.

The awards for this year's science fair are as follows:

1st Place 

  • Siena Harvey 
  • Brinkley West 
  • Addy Maurer 
  • Ava Powell 
  • Andrea Garza Estebanez 
  • Angelina Kraft 

2nd Place 

  • Carolina Barrios Trejo 
  • Bayan Othman 
  • Sarah Hanks 
  • Sophia McClung 
  • Taryn Hopkins 
  • Snow Woods 

3rd Place 

  • Emma Edmonds 
  • Carina Savarino 
  • Casey Maina 
  • Marta Pereda Sanchez-Dehesa 
  • Colette Gorgue 
  • Lizzie Morrison 

Special Recognition 

  • Lillian Cykowski 
  • Ava Moore 
  • Victoria Martins 
  • Lila Humphrey