Author Jessica Brody Collaborates with Middle School Students

The 8th-grade class published Penning in Plaid, an anthology of short stories written by the students with guidance from YA author Jessica Broday

Author Jessica Brody visited Duchesne from May 6-8 as part of a collaboration with Middle School language arts classes. This is the second year that Ms. Brody has worked with our 8th-grade students on a year-long project to create an anthology of short stories titled Penning in Plaid. Following a series of visits in the fall and spring where she conducted writing workshops with the students, Ms. Brody returned to campus for a book release party on May 6 to celebrate the publishing of Penning in Plaid. The anthology contains a short story written by each 8th-grade student and provides the girls with an outstanding portfolio piece as they finish 8th grade. 

During her time on campus, Ms. Brody met with 6th and 7th graders to discuss the upcoming writing programs that she will be doing with them next year as part of the language arts curriculum. She also signed copies of her most popular books, including her newest novel, Sky Without Stars