Technology Support

CAVE Helpdesk visits will be by appointment only. Faculty and staff should submit a Schooldude ticket for technology support and will be given an assigned time to come to the CAVE, or designated time when someone will come to them. Students in 4th – 12th grade should email to request help. CAVE staff will reply to them with an appointment to visit the helpdesk.  

CAVE staff will be separated from visitors by glass dividers, and counters will be sanitized after each visit. IT Interns will wear masks and face shields while working in the helpdesk, and each student will be assigned to her own set of tools, and independent repairs and projects. Laptops and all technology devices will be sanitized upon receipt and before returning to the student. 

Students in Pre-K3 – 3rd Grade will be issued a school iPad and 4th Grade students will receive a Toshiba Tablet PC for their sole use for the 2020-2021 school year. Devices should be taken home each afternoon and brought back the next morning. 

Devices should not be shared person-to-person without sanitization by an authorized school employee.