Opt-In Remote Learning

The opt-in remote learning program would allow families to keep their child(ren) at home to continue school work even when the campus is reopened for in-person learning.  

Eligibility and Timing 

Any family may choose to participate in the remote learning program due to medical necessity or personal preference. However, the student must commit to remote learning for a minimum of one full mod for Middle/Upper School or four weeks for Lower School in order to ensure adequate on-campus services. The initial request to participate in remote learning will be done through an online form. Thereafter, a request to continue in remote learning must be resubmitted to the appropriate division head for each mod or 4-week period.   

Remote learning will not be available on a “drop-in” basis unless the student is required to quarantine (see Confirmed or Presumptive Positive Covid-19 Case Protocol section) in which case, the student would be eligible to participate in remote learning for the duration of their quarantine period.     

For planning and consistency purposes, students who opt into remote learning will not be able to come to campus to participate in extracurricular activities. Remote participation may be possible for some activities.  


Students participating in remote learning will generally attend classes synchronously utilizing Teams, but some asynchronous learning may also occur. All grading expectations for remote students will be the same as students attending school on campus. Please note that students must turn their camera on for each class in order to be counted present for attendance and they must wear a school uniform when participating in synchronous classes. 

Please review the Remote Learning Plan here for full details of how remote instruction will be delivered.