Foot Traffic Flow

In order to ensure adequate physical distancing, hallways and staircases will have specific foot traffic flows. Everyone will walk on their right side of the hallway. Upper School students will travel UP the stairs using the staircase near Cha Cha’s Corner and DOWN the stairs on the staircase near the Wilkinson Family Library. Middle School students will travel UP the stairs near the Middle School office and DOWN the staircase near the gym. The outdoors stairway at the end of the fifth-grade hallway is a designated up and down stairway. The gym hallway will be one-way traveling from the gym foyer to double doors near the locker room. Signage will be in place to indicate foot traffic patterns. 

The Pre-K3 assistant will travel with Pre-K3 students for P.E. class. P.E. instructors will lead students to various areas for exercise using the designated walking scheme as outlined above. 

The Fine Arts building will have a one-way flow into and out of the Cameron Theatre as well as through the hallway to access the Fine Arts’ restrooms. Directional signage will designate traffic flow. The stairways to the art rooms will be designated UP (Upper School Art Room) or DOWN (Middle School Art Room).