Classroom Contact Minimization

In this scenario, Duchesne would implement modified campus protocols and additionally increase physical distancing by utilizing alternative learning spaces throughout campus. All classroom spaces would have fewer students together at any one time so that a distance of six feet between each person may be maintained. In order to facilitate this, we will do the following: 

  • Classes for Pre-K4 – 12th grade will be split into smaller groups as needed in order to maintain physical distancing. These groups will take turns spending time in the regular classroom with their teacher and spending time in an alternative learning space while attending their class synchronously via Microsoft Teams on their computer/iPad. Each alternative learning spaces will be monitored.  
  • The teacher in the classroom will be filmed using a webcam device in order to broadcast the class via Microsoft Teams to students who are in alternative learning spaces, as well as the students who have opted into the remote learning program from home.  
  • A consistent schedule will be in effect so that students always know where they will be spending time whether it be in the regular classroom or in an alternative learning space. Each group will spend an equal amount of time in the regular classroom and alternative learning space. 
  • Alternative learning space locations include: 
    • Lower School: Gym, annex, computer lab, art room, Bayou Room, religion classroom, and the Sister Lamy Library  
    • Middle School: Wilkinson Family Library, faculty lounge, testing room, art classroom, Burguières Chapel, and the fine arts music room  
    • Upper School: Students will have the option to choose any space on campus that is appropriately distanced (e.g. Cha Cha’s, Mater’s hallway, dining hall, theatre, hallways, White House lawn).