The Duchesne Fund

The Duchesne Fund will support all three divisions during the
2016–2017 school year.

All School:

  • Distinguished speaker series for parents, students, and faculty focused on the health and well-being of girls
  • The launch of a curriculum review beginning with a schoolwide math audit by Rice University
  • Additional 3D printers for classroom use
  • Improvement in schoolwide audio systems
  • Investment in strategic planning to guide the next five to 10 years of Duchesne’s future
  • Production of the all-school musical – The Wizard of Oz

In Lower School:

  • Professional development opportunities for faculty on teaching gifted and talented students and on the Love and Logic classroom management program
  • Training for two additional faculty members at Columbia University
  • We-Do 2.0 LEGO robotics curriculum to build and program robots
  • Dreambox and Reflex Math software programs designed to reinforce math skills and strengthen math facts
  • Updated version of Everyday Math curriculum and materials

In Middle School:

  • Additional programming with a full-time Middle School counselor
  • Two research balloon flights to conduct authentic science experiments at 90,000 to 100,000 feet above the earth’s surface
  • Continued use of Math Spaces, a process-based, computerized math instruction program to enhance current math instruction
  • Integration of ClassCraft, an award-based game, to increase student engagement and teach responsibility
  • Continued professional development opportunities for teachers at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University
  • Training for all faculty on teaching gifted and talented students
  • Integrating Geographic Information Systems to analyze real-world issues using statistics and mapping

In Upper School:

  • Monthly professional development seminars for faculty during lunch hour: Learn at Lunch
  • Environmental science outreach program with the Duchesne House in New Orleans
  • Creation of a permanent Upper School art exhibit in the Upper School hallways
  • Increase in the number of annual theater productions
  • Addition of a dynamic bayou habitat for the environmental science class

Be the difference that strengthens her wise heart and sharp mind this year.

Please give generously.

The Duchesne Fund Team 2016–2017

The Duchesne Fund Chairs
Shannon and Rob Gaudette

The Duchesne Fund Chairs – Elect
Lucy and Aaron Kildow

New Family Chairs
Melody and John Tanigawa

Parents of Alumnae Chairs
Ellen and Jim Ginty

Grandparent Chairs
Kathy and William Behrendt

Alumnae Chair
Ann SCHNEIDER Mennel '94

Parent Division Chairs

Lower School
Charlotte and James Martingano

Middle School
Lauren and Dwayne Anders

Upper School
Karin and Robort Dubose

Grade Chairs and Team

Pre-Kindergarten 3

Devinah and Jordan Finn, Chairs
Olga and Gerald Balboa
Paige and Jason Kist
Rishma and Akbar Mohamed
Renee and Milton Morris

Pre-Kindergarten 4

Amy and Michael Moore, Chairs
Mary and Casey McFaden, Sophie
Stormy and Christian Mandella
Meg and Guy Oliphint


Andrea and Michael Walsh, Chairs
Myriam and Larry Laird, Sophie
Adriana and Tony Canales
Jennifer and Patrick Lissonnet

First Grade

Josey and Bryan Wagner, Chairs
Kim Dinh and Manish Garala, Sophie
Ericka and Robert Pertierra
Michelle and Bryan Ritchey

Second Grade

Alejandra and Charles Garrido, Chairs
Natalie and Steve Mohtashami, Sophie
LaShawne and Anthony Backstrom
Elspeth Inglis and Andy Blanchard
Maria and Eduardo Morales

Third Grade

Marjorie and Michael Chadwick, Chairs
Tara and Joe Varisco, Sophie
Warren Sloan
Tracy and Michael Whittaker

Fourth Grade

Renee and George Humphrey, Chairs
Todd Moore, Sophie
Phyllis Guillory and James Barrick
Colombe and Stuart Miller

Fifth Grade

Melonie Dutton Lewis, Chair
Laura and Doug Fletcher, Sophie
Jane and Jeff Harfenist
Nikki Wise

Sixth Grade

Andrea and Jim Maher, Chairs
Elspeth Inglis and Andy Blanchard, Sophie
Gina and Michael Adamo, IV
Jenny and Roy Moore

Seventh Grade

Alison Vasquez, Chair
Shelley and Louis Poore II, Sophie
Patty and Patrick Dennis
Mary Lucci

Eighth Grade

Michelle and Tim Ruch, Chairs
Deborah and Russell Sparks, Sophie
Stephanie and Keith Jackson
Katy and Todd Theroux

Ninth Grade

Samantha and Scott Sullivan, Chairs
Tom Taylor, III, Sophie
Molly and Jimmy Ramirez
Lilly and Michael Howard

Tenth Grade

Libbie and Robert Conner, Chairs
Eugenie and William Ellis, Sophie
Claudia and Jorge Della Costa
Lari and Mark Passmore

Eleventh Grade

Catherine and Tobin Lassen, Chairs
Linda and John Powell, Sophie
Eva Salmeron and Paul Aruffo
Ana and Ricardo Pardey

Twelfth Grade

Mickel and Larry Lobb, Chairs
Tara and Matt Michaels, Sophie
Kelley Coffield
Lyra and Jaswant Sihra