The newly completed parking garage.

Through May 20, 2013

Mater Admirabilis Society
($1 Million+)    

Burguières Family
Bruce and Susanne Wilkinson

St. Madeleine Sophie Barat Society    
($500,000 to $999,999)

Liz and Franklin Myers
The Nelson Family - Stephanie, Celine and

Isla and Tommy Reckling

St. Philippine Duchesne Society    
($250,000 to $499,999)

Kristin MOLBECK Cogan and
    Ashlie MOLBECK Salazar
Nijad and Zeina Fares
Friend of Duchesne
ION Geophysical
Debbie and Matt Kemple
The Shanna and Andrew Linbeck
    Family Charitable Fund
Joe and Tina Pyne

Coeur de Jesus Society    
($100,000 to $249,999)

Natalie and Brett Agee
M. D. Anderson Foundation

Bayou Well Holdings
The Brown Foundation, Inc.
Duchesne Parents’ Association
The Fatica Family
Friend of Duchesne
John and Jackie Gaylord
The Geno Family
Carroll Goodman
The Gaudette Family
Antonio and Carla Maarraoui
The Marsh Family
The Niemann Family
Scanlan Foundation
Dr. Charles (deceased) and Barbara Shears
The Vivian L. Smith Foundation
Sterling-Turner Foundation

Blue Ribbon Society    
($50,000 to $99,999)

The D’Ambra Family
Dr. and Mrs. Ivor Ellul
Friend of Duchesne
Rob and Gwynn Gorsuch
Peggy and Ed Hennessy
Roger and Kimberly Hohman
Silvia and Edgard Kuri Slim
Paul and Fay Lewis
The Manley Family
Jerad and April McMayon
The Trini and O.C. Mendenhall Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Odis Peavy
Strake Foundation
The Wolf Family

Children of the Sacred Heart Society
($25,000 to $49,999)

Roselle and Dennis Baldwin
Rex and Kathy Bennett
Stacy and Blake Benton
Giorgio and Cathy Borlenghi
Business Excellence PDQ!, Inc.
Tony and Mary Canino
The Charlton Family
Jeannie and John Cogan
John, Linda, Erin and Jennifer Connolly
Adrian and Francella Crespo
Ann and Tom Estus
Susan and Lynn C. Fister
Jeannine and Patrick Flynn
Friend of Duchesne (3)
Jim and Ellen Ginty
Marcia and George Gsell
Mike and Michelle Heinz
The Hellmann Family
Donny and Lynn Holender
Mr. and Mrs. David N. Hotze, Sr.
Loretta T. Jachimczyk, Jane Hayman, 
    Peggy Coleman, Mary Lou Rainey and
    Kate RAINEY
Kelli KICKERILLO and Todd Forester
Mary and Vincent Kickerillo
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Lam
The Lyons Foundation

Michele MALLOY ’67 and
    The Malloy Foundation
The Jennifer and Dr. Joseph Mandola Family
Tim and Sandra Moore

Hance and Cathy Myers
Christine A. Romsdahl
Shaw’s Jewelry –
    George and  Jennifer Dziedzic
Charissa and Rowan Smith
Sheldon and Deborah Stoughton

Mr. and Mrs. Juan F. Vasquez, Jr.
The Walsh Family - Alex and Marie
James and Kelly Whitcomb
Sandy and Karl Willmann
Michael and Kassandra Winstone

Gerry and Martha Wyrsch
Tom and Cathy Zabel

Très Bien Society
($10,000 to $24,999)

Eric and Michelle Adams
Mark and Karina Amelang
Beth and Derek Anchondo
Mr. Robert A. Archer and Family
David and Guisella Baker
Jennifer and Steve Bass
Eloise and Tom Byrd
Yvette and Javier Chavarria
John and Sandra Chiang
Helen and Paul W. Chung
Mr. and Mrs. Todd T. Clark
Cindy and Michael Daly
Donna and Barry Davis
Julie and Michael Donaldson
The Doyle Family
Elizabeth and Jim Ducote
Dan L. Duncan Family
Deborah NEWHOUSE Dunham
Paul and Liz Espenan
Ahmass L. Fakahany
John Manning and Alessandra Ferrajoli
Dave, Beth, Allie and Abbey Flame
Thomas and Rae Flory    
Douglas and Melissa Fordyce     
Joe B. Foster Family Foundation     
Friend of Duchesne (2)
Paul and Kathleen Grabowski
Victoria Guennewig and Maidie RYAN
George and Mary Josephine Hamman

Peggy and Mark Heeg
Pete and Ellen Hetherington
Scott and Stephanie Hildebrandt
David and Paulette Hopkins
George and Judy Hrdlicka,
    Amy HRDLICKA Reggi and Tom Reggi,
    Geordie HRDLICKA and James Corbett
Susan and Tom Imre
The Kalman Foundation
Jack and Catherine Langlois
The Lodging Team
Angela and Victor Longo
Christopher and Joanna Mahoney
David Marks, Mary Grimord, Abbey,
   Michael and Alex

John and Maryanne McCormack
Rhonda and Brad McKenzie
Mary Angela and Jeff Meyer
Ron, Anne and Natalie Milio
Carol and Christopher Miller
Ginger and Yance Montalbano
The W.T. & Louise J. Moran Foundation
Ivis and Lee Morford
Camille Leugers and James Musser                  
Shelby and Eric Nielsen
Roberto and Zaira Noce
Ramon Noyola and Carmen Escalante
Jennifer and Mitchell Poindexter   
Shelley, Genevieve and Louis Poore
Karen S. Pulaski
Randall and Michelle Rios
Nicholas Ro and Susan Garofolo
Randy and Janie Robertson
Thomas Pascal Will Robinson
Michael and Julia Rudin
Shayla Keough Rumely
Eduardo and Carolina Salomon
Shanna and Rob Schanen
Bob and Cindy Siegel
Drs. Christopher and Ivonne Smith
Kathleen Soto   
The Speck Family - David, Beth, Laura and
Peter and Bettina Staartjes
Harry W. Sturges, IV
Mary Jo Swanson   
Patricia Swenson
Paula E. Hale and Ray R. Valdez
Christopher and Gayle van Brummen
The Vidal Family – Omar, Cindi, Sophia,
    Daniela, and Gabriela
Bob and Amy Weaver
Ronnie Weil, Sr.
Denine and Brad Whalen
Nancy and Sidney Williams
Ana Maria and John Wood

Merci Beaucoup Society
($5,000 to $9,999)

Leng and Bechir Abbassi
The Anzaldua Family
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Beck, Jr.
Lawrence and Deana Blackburn
Laura Bolles
Jim and Nancy Butler
Jacqui and Tom Castro
Martha and John Charbonnet
Andrew and Kathleen Clark
JoAnne and Peter Creasey
Nancy De Lisi
Margaret FAGAN Hotze
Sabrina and Rob Hallett
Peter and Helen Marie Haney
Darlene Henson
The Hillcrest Foundation - David and
    Debra Mouton
Michael and Michelle Hilliard
David R. Hoffman and
    Mary Frances McAleer                
Peter and Sherry Hughes
Naveen and Anuja Jaggi
Suzi and Fred Johnson
Dawn and Brian Kinsey
Matthew and Taryn Kuryla
Charlotte and Art Leibold
Mr. Martin Makulski and
    Dr. Darlene Makulski
The McWhorters
Lynn Murray, Sr. Educational Foundation
Mary and Bob Piro
Linda and John Powell
Andrew McSwigan Quinn
Gwen and Michael Radabaugh
Dan, Monica, Margaret and Eleanor Ryan
The Schicke Family
Dana and Monte Sneed
Robert and Tammy Thomas
Chuck and Isken Ward
Cynthia Webre
Katie and David Wick
Cindy Witte
Mark and Laurie Wolf
Larry and Monica Ziemba

Congé Society    
(Up to $4,999)

Anonymous (11)         
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Adamo, IV
Mary Ann Adzgery
Sandy Adzgery
Pedro Alvarez and Adela Alvarez
Dwayne and Lauren Anders
Teresa Armstrong
Paul and Eva Aruffo
Karen Atkinson
Atropos, Inc.
Carol A. Baez  
Dr. and Mrs. S. Christian Bahm                 
Jordi and Carmen Baizan
Anne and Craig W. Baker
Michael Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm G. Baker, III
Jenny Barcenas
Perrie Barnes
Ms. Pamelia S. Barnett
Maribel and Enrique Barrera
Mary Bavouset   
Ranjana Vadhva Bedi
Sharon Beemer and Kelly Keenan
Benyo Family  
Evelyn Berges
Maria-Teresa Bethlen
Laura and Vineet Bhatia   
Rachel and Larry Blasdell
Benton and Stacey Bond
Carol Bourke
Ann Bradley
Rob and Linda Brant
Nancy TUSA Braun
Tom and Dorian Bray
Jennifer and Ralph Brezger
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde H. Briggs
Michelle BRITTON
Catherine HANNAH Brown
Kerry and Sam Brown
Colleen A. Brownell
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Bruner
Karla and John Buergler
Michelle and Lam Bui
Gray and Oralia Burks
Patricia Butler   
Silvia Caballero  
Adele Caire, rscj
Laura Ann Caire, rscj
Catie and Dac Calderhead
Marguerite and Robert Campos   
Dawn Canales
Alex Cantu  
Darrin and Sheila Caramonta
Janice and John Carrabba
Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart  
Joanna Carson  
Mary Kesser Carter               
Jorge Castaneda
Thomas and Deborah Cate
Patricia and William Chase   
Virginia Ann Christian
John and Kayleen Clements  
Mary Jane Clements        
Susan Clophus
Kelley Coffield  
Peggy Coleman
Suzanne Cooke, rscj                           
Ali Cooper       
Caron Cooper
Nano Cox        
Ginny Crosthwait            
Ellen Davidson    
Renee and Chip Davis
Justin and Renee Davy
Tina DeGreene  
Carmen Demoya   
Ileana Blanco and Gerard Desrochers
James and Clare Dickinson
Cynthia Dionne
Elisabeth FORSHAY Docwra
Abigail Doheny  
Diane Donovan    
Terrence and Rachelle Doody              
Kathleen and Steven Dorman
Kaemerz and Havovi Dotiwala
Jim and Jennifer Drew
Josette L. Ducote                 
Jan Dunn, rscj
Kathy Duquesnay
Allison and Skye Durant        
Gisele Dwyer
Sally Edmundson
Tanya Edwards                   
Danielle Eilender                 
Susan Epps      
Claudia FARINOLA             
Steve and Sandra Fellers  
Steve and Aimee Ferrell
Albert and Barbara Finch
Troy and Julie Finney  
Phyllis Fisher                  
The Flores Family
Judy Flusche
Margo FLYNN   
Lee Foster
Christopher and Michelle Fowler
Edna Marie and Howard Free
Mrs. Crystal Frommert                 
Mark and Annelyse Frugoni   
Gay LEPPARD Fuller  
Father Patrick Fulton
Lara LONGO Gaines
Rick and Marianne Garcia
Elda Garcia-Ditta     
Joseph and Danielle Gebara
Bibbin Gill
Gretchen M. Gillis
Sonya Gilmore                 
Frances M. Gimber, rscj
Ron and Carolyn Giveon
Mr. and Mrs. William Glaves
Shawana Glaze
The Gleaves Family
Michael and Beverly Gohlke
Joaquin Gomez
Julian Gomez
Stephanie Gomez
Francisca Gonzalez
Patricia Gorchs  
Bruce and Susan Gordon
Patricia B. Green
Patrick Green
Rebeca Guajardo
Louise Haines
Frederick and Jeannine Haizlip
John and Laney Hanley
Ruth Hanson
Judy Hasson
Catherine Hausmann
Debra L. Hayden
Pamela Hayes
Janie Hayman
Paige Hellmann
Judy and William Herrera
Ken and Jill Hess
Ana Hilario-George
Michael Hill and Susan Cochran
Kare Hjorteset
Geoffrey Hodge
The Hohensee Family
Krista Holter                 
Michael and Ann Horne  
Tom and Edith Horrell 
Lisa and Jonathon Hough          
Bert and Judith Hungerford                 
Marsha Hurwitz   
Elizabeth Hythecker               
Barbara Inaba
Margo and Phil Jacobs   
Stephen F. James
Thomas and Pam Janda  
Maureen Jennings   
Dawson and Rise Johns
Debra Johnson         
Angela JONES 2006 and
    Elizabeth JONES Hoppe 2003
Letitia Jones   
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Jones
The Junghans Family
Sharon Karam, rscj  
Maggie SIEGER Kaspura             
Philip and Elizabeth Kass
Mary Rose C. KESSER
Dong and Grace Kim
Dan A. King   
Connie and Allan Klenke
Cathy LOWRY Knapik                   
Susan Knizner    
Ashley MICHALEK Knopp           
Ryan and Miryame Krogmeier   
Tracy Kutch   
Damian and Laura LaCroix
Joel and Sarah Lambert
Dulce Maria Larsen   
Mary Ann Layden   
Chien-Yu Lee                           
Marcia and Jose Lima
Mimi CHAMBERS Lodowski   
Ann and Jon Lohmann       
Mr. and Mrs. John Henry Lollar, III 
Mr. Manuel Lopez and Dr. Ana Lopez      
Mary Ann ISENSEE Loweth
Ms. Maria D. Lozano
Catherine Lucas   
William and Mary Lynn Lunn
Lynn Luton   
Christian Lutz and Connie Tran
Donna MacPherson   
Debrah Magee
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Maher, IV
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Mancheski
Phyllis Mandola   
Evelyne Marcks
Carol Martin   
Harold and Virginia Marx
Cheri McConnell   
Janet McDonald
Nancy McEwen
Mrs. Terrence G. McGreevy
Mary Frances McKENNA  
Katie McVANEY  
Nicolas and Marnie Medina
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Merle-Bijitch  
Peggy Merrill  
Susu Meyer
Melissa Mieras   
Jeff and Tana Migit
Susan LUCKEL Milberger
Jeff and Maria Miller
Mr. Brendan Minter and
    Mrs. Rica Miwatani-Minter
Laura and Brian Molin
Alta Garcia Mondragon                                  
Sandi Morales                 
Anne W. Morris
Max and Colette Moudy                
Sally Munoz                                 
Therese and Jack Murray                 
Mary Lee Nankivell                 
Genie Nash    
Audrey and Phillip Nelson
Clare and Robert Neyland   
Danny and Thu Nguyen             
Paul and Kim, Kennedy, and Avery Nick
Leslie Null   
Marissa Ochoa   
Ranya O’Hara                 
Ginger and Pat O’Neill
Tina Ori                 
Carolyn Osiek, rscj
Bob Paisley                
Ricardo and Ana Pardey -BP Fabric of
    America Fund
Wallace and Maureen Partridge
Jose Paz      
Amanda A. PEREZ         
Karen Perry                 
Jennifer Pesek  
Jean Pfluger and Tom Kelly  
Cathy KENDALL Phelps             
Meg and Joel Phipps
Morgan, Teryn and Logan Piper
Donna Marie PLATT ‘89
Cynthia and Marvin Pleason
Werner Pletscher   
John and Luiddy Pollock
Julie Porter
David and Amanda Price
Burlin M. Procell                 
Arthur and Roxanna Purpich
Kimberly Boyce-Quentin and Bradley Quentin
Mary Lou Rainey   
Tesla Ramos  
Celeste Reavis                  
Loretta Reed  
Patricia Reed
The Regis School
Eileen and Bruce Reichert  
Leanna Reidy           
Rick, Melanie, Emma and Zach Rhode     
Gerry Rife               
Candy S. Riley  
Randy and Lisa Rinicella
Bill and Jeanne Roe
Elaine and Bruce Rollins             
Therese and David Runnels
Martha Roughan, rscj
Irene Rynearson   
Helen Santire
Keith, Poleteme and Rebecca Sappenfield   
Bernadette Scarborough                
Hans Schleicher, D.D.S., P.A
Pat Schrader   
Judge and Mrs. Walter A. Schroeder   
Susan SCHUHMACHER             
Alaina and Jordan Scorsone                 
Mark and Brittney Selldin
The Sepaniac Family  
Martha Sharman
Wayne and Sally Sharum     
Emely Shay
Lyn Shivshanker     
John and Kristy Simonette  
Mary Virginia Simpson             
David and Sandy Sinclair
Mary Jane BLACKBURN Smith   
The Soanes Family
Faye Sorurbakhsh
Carmen Speets                   
Nick and Tracie Speller 
Jane ALEXANIAN Sperling
Elizabeth Stamper                
Christine Staudt       
Mary Stevens             
Dr. and Mrs. Gerhard Streuding
Mary and Joseph Studlick  
Norman Sullivan
Daria Swinnen       
Carol Szymanski                 
Meg and Filson Tapp
Jeffrey and Nancy Tarrand
Aria Tatelman   
Weldon and Susan Taylor
Joan and Bill Teague      
Elizabeth Templeton              
Mr. and Mrs. Gregoire Thirouin
Anne Thomson   
Jodie and Chris Thorne                 
David and Janet Thorson
Steve and Aimee Touchstone
Kyriakos Tsorbatzoglou   
Tureau Family
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Turner   
John Unger              
Michael and Rachael Valka  
Kathy VanBlargan                  
Shelton and Yone Vaughan
Diane Vines and Caitlin WINEBRENNER
Victoria and Stephan Wagner
Jennifer and Jeffrey Ward
Wardwell Family                 
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Watson
Barbara Weathers                 
Anita and Charles Weiner
John and Helen Welter
Rebecca Werner
Mary Bea and Wayne Wickman, Jr.
Dottie and Gregg Williams   
Jack and Caroline Williams
Sara Wilson
Linda Woodson   
Monica and Hugh Woodward  
Mary and James Wright 
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Arrell Young, Jr.
Tata Young   
Terry Zagst   
Catherine ZEIS  


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