Wellness Resources

Duchesne nurtures the heart of each girl by noticing that light within her, and seeking what excites, energizes, inspires, and even frustrates her.

Providing on-site wellness resources for all students, Duchesne educates and inspires the whole girl.


Two registered nurses are in the clinic during school hours. They treat minor injuries, administer first aid, and determine when a student needs to go home or needs more advanced medical care. They can dispense prescription and over-the-counter medications with the appropriate parental and physician permission. They have current certification in CPR/AED administration.

All medical information and forms are managed through MAGNUS.

Physicals are required for all new students and each year for athletes in grades 6–12. To print the current Duchesne Physical Form, click here. If your daughter will be participating in our grade 6-12 athletic program, please also have your child's physician fill out the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) Physical Form.

Immunization Policy
Current immunization records are required for all students. Every student enrolled in a Catholic school in the state of Texas must be immunized against vaccine preventable diseases caused by infectious agents in accordance with the immunization schedule adopted by the Texas Department of State Health Services. A student who fails to present the required evidence will not be accepted for enrollment. The only exemption to this requirement is a medical exemption stating the medical reason for exemption and signed by a licensed physician (M.D. or D.O) authorized to practice in the state of Texas. It must include the physician's license number.

Only over-the-counter medications you have approved through MAGNUS can be dispensed to your child. These medications must be provided by the parents as the clinic does not stock medications. All medication sent to the clinic must come in its unopened original container. For daily prescription medication to be given during the school day, you must complete the daily prescription form on MAGNUS, and the medication must come with the current prescription intact.


The Duchesne Counseling Program is available to all students. The program's purpose is to assist students in acquiring and developing the skills to make wise choices in life, academics, and personal relationships. The counselors help students demonstrate a positive attitude toward themselves and others, develop self-responsibility, develop effective decision making skills, and enhance relationship skills.

School success increases as students use these skills to understand and appreciate the lifelong process of learning, growing, and changing.

Lower School Counseling Program

The Duchesne counselor works in conjunction with the Lower School head as a member of the educational team. She is available to meet with students individually, in small groups, or during classroom guidance.

The Head of Lower School, the school nurse, teachers, or parents may refer a student to the counselor or request a student observation. Each concern is addressed independently, depending on the needs of the student. Parents are welcome to call the counselor or come in to discuss social, emotional, academic, or parenting concerns.

Middle School Counseling Program

The Middle School counselor consults weekly with teachers to work collaboratively for the good of the students' academic, social, emotional, and spiritual growth. She also meets regularly with the Head of Middle School and the Dean of Students to discuss topics of concern and interest that the advisory teachers and their advisees will address. Additionally, the counselor participates with Campus Ministry in student retreats and attends grade-level meetings and parent coffees.

Students may self-refer, or a parent, teacher, or administrator may refer a student to the counselor. Individual counseling addresses behavioral, emotional, or academic issues that are affecting the student's ability to fully attend to academic pursuits.

The counselors facilitate a Peer Support Program. All eighth-grade students are divided into small groups that meet twice monthly and are led by junior and senior students. The program focuses on assisting the eighth-grade students with their transition to Upper School. It addresses topics such as peer and co-ed relationships, family relationships, sexuality and body image, study skills, safety issues (including Internet safety), drug and alcohol awareness, dating issues, stress, and eating disorders.

Upper School Counseling Program

The counselor meets weekly with the Head of Upper School as a member of the educational team and has frequent contact with the Dean of Students. The counselor attends grade-level faculty meetings. The counselor is available to meet with students individually, in small groups, or during classroom guidance. Students may self-refer, or a parent, teacher, or administrator may refer a student to the counselor. Each concern regarding behavioral, emotional, or academic issues is addressed independently, depending on the needs of the student.

Peer Support

Duchesne’s Peer Support Program provides a dynamic learning opportunity for both eighth graders and Upper School juniors and seniors. The Upper School Counselor trains and supervises selected Upper School students in communication and leadership skills. Those students mentor eighth graders regarding many of the issues that they deal with, including peer relationships, academic studies, and safety issues. Through activities and discussions in safe small groups, eighth graders can share their personal experiences with girls who are close to their own age. They can gain new insights and learn positive approaches to the challenges they face. The Peer Support Program fosters a smooth transition for eighth graders from Middle School to Upper School, and it provides a forum for Upper School girls to help others and grow in leadership skills.

Athletic Trainer

Through a partnership with Baylor College of Medicine, Duchesne has a full-time athletic trainer on staff. The trainer provides first-aid care, injury treatment, and rehabilitation for student-athletes who are injured while participating in Duchesne athletics. When necessary, the trainer will refer to our BCM team orthopedic physicians or work in collaboration with your daughter’s physician to ensure she gets the best care when participating in athletics. The trainer also has a background with concussion training and is part of the Duchesne Concussion Oversight Team.

To find out more about our sports medicine affiliation with Baylor College of Medicine, click here.

To participate in Duchesne athletics, an annual physical must be on file with the Athletic Department, through MAGNUS, at all times. Upper School athletes must also have all TAPPS paperwork on file to make them eligible to participate in athletics.

Wellness Contacts

Cristal Roth, RN
713-468-8211, ext. 171

Lyn Shivshanker, RN
713.468.8211, ext. 171

Cortney Kindall-Richey, LPC
Lower School Counselor
713.468.8211, ext. 181

Jean Lander, M.Ed., LPC
Middle School Counselor
713.468.8211, ext. 109

Kate Conlan, MSW
Upper School Counselor
713.468.8211, ext. 166

Morgan Lowman
Athletic Trainer
713.468.8211, ext. 172