Middle School

Duchesne’s Middle School opens up an expansive new world for your daughter, as she learns the ropes of academic research, tries out a number of competitive sports, strengthens her emerging artistic abilities, and matures among caring classmates who support each other through these years of transition.

Middle School Academic Overview

Fifth Grade

The fifth grade year is designed to be a transition from Lower School to Middle School. The girls have fewer teachers, they will not rotate classes the same as students in grades six through eight, and they are almost entirely self-contained in one hallway. Additionally, the classes and programming are designed with a focus on this transition and setting a foundation for the rest of their Middle School experience.

Sixth Grade

The sixth grade program includes courses which are taught by specialist teachers in each discipline. Students develop an increasing sense of responsibility for the organization of their schoolwork and for their time spent on work done at home. At this time, the students are introduced to the concept of long-range projects, requiring them to plan their time and to do more complex tasks in a step-by-step manner.

Seventh Grade

In the seventh grade, the course of study continues to be more challenging. Students are expected to be responsible for the organization and follow-through of their learning tasks in the various subjects. In foreign languages and fine arts, they are given a choice of classes. Basic skill development and reinforcement are still emphasized. This is a time for expanding and exploring their own interests and abilities and for developing an even greater love of learning.

Eighth Grade

The eighth grade curriculum is a challenging course of studies designed to prepare the student for college preparatory high school work. These students take courses in the areas of foreign language, mathematics, and computer programming that are offered as high school level courses. Long-range assignments and special projects are important aspects of the program. As is natural for eighth graders, students become more independent and responsible for their own academic performance.

Physical Education and Health

The physical education program in grades five through eight complements the intellectual, social, and spiritual components of the curriculum. Individual physical conditioning, coordination and fitness, team sports, and health education are parts of the program. Physical education classes ensure frequent outlets for the high level of energy which is characteristic of students at this age. Team sports that are developed in physical education include volleyball, basketball, field hockey, soccer, and team handball. Individual sports include track and field, dance, and aerobics. Health topics may include first aid, personal health, hygiene, nutrition, knowledge and prevention of diseases, and the proper use of drugs.

Middle School Office

Tony Houle
Head of Middle School

Mary Carter
Middle School Dean of Students

Jean Lander
Middle School Counselor

Sara O'Brian-Molina
Assistant to Head of Middle School