Sacred Heart Goals in Action

“They are like the air we breathe; the backdrop of why we do what we do. I make decisions about how I interact with students and all other constituencies, what projects I choose to engage in -- based on the Goals and Criteria.”

Sr. Sharon Karam, RSCJ

“Duchesne taught me not only to respect other people's views and opinions, but also to seek to understand the perspectives and lived experiences of those around me.”

Abigail O'Connor, Class of 2007

Goal I: A personal and active faith in God

“Goal I is the heart and center of my life, and it is what I look to in everything I do both personally and at work.”

Mrs. Anne Morris, Theology/Foreign Languages Teacher

“I believe the way to God is through our encounters with others.”

Ms. Michelle Britton, Class of 1973, Fine Arts Teacher

Goal II: A deep respect for intellectual values

“Grades are really important to me, and I like how this goal reminds us that we are learning by doing all of this studying... not just memorizing.”

Sofia, Class of 2020

“A deep respect for intellectual values, because I chose my college based on the academics, and not the social life.”

Christie Fatica, Class of 2016

Goal III: A social awareness that impels to action

“Whether helping a neighbor, in my children's school, or the greater Houston community, it is who I am.”

Meryl Lee Gregory, Class of 1987

“A social awareness that impels to action, because I love serving my community and finding different ways on how I can help those who are in need.”

Kyrie, Class of 2019

Goal IV: The building of community as a Christian value

“We are a community that supports each other everyday. This is home!”

Mrs. Mary Carter, Middle School Dean of Students

“I'm thankful I have this background and have tried to be more mindful that others don't feel the same way or share the same values and broaden my understanding of this goal to show all Christianity is is love.”

Julia Gsell, Class of 2014

Goal V: Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom

“I am constantly being challenged to grow as an educator. I love how Sacred Heart encourages and offers growth opportunities continually.”

Mrs. Jennifer Young Beck, Class of 1987, Math/Science Teacher

“I believe in encouraging wise freedom because they will soon be making choices that greatly impact their well-being.”

Lisa Sullivan, Lower School Parent

Girls in Formation

Wise hearts, sharp minds.

Where some of our girls have continued their education:


Graduates admitted to four-year colleges and universities


AP courses offered


Laptop program

$1.3 Million

Tuition assistance awarded for 2016-2017 school year


Student diversity


Student-led repairs in the Computer Audio/Video Education (CAVE)


3D printers on campus